Following An Absence Of 3 Years, Jasleen Kaur Finally Appears In Court. This Is What She Said

Following An Absence Of 3 Years, Jasleen Kaur Finally Appears In Court. This Is What She Said

The 2015 case of Jasleen and Sarvjeet has experienced so many turns in these 3 years. it is the case that Jasleen affirmed Sarvjeet for her act mischievously and provocation and her post became a web sensation on Facebook,it went viral on social media. His image had turned into a national villain and everybody was condemning him on the online life.

Be that as it may, three years down the path, Sarvjeet made a rebound and increased sympathy towards him when Jasleen went to no case hearing as she was occupied for her study in Canada. Sarvjeet had asserted that these three years have been awful for him as he has experienced all sort of decisions and misfortunes while Jasleen has not by any means showed up at the court once.

Now Jasleen is at back and has recorded her position on it.

Giving her interview to the media , Jasleen said that her quietness shouldn’t be viewed as her shortcoming since she will battle until the point that the case achieves the result in favour of him. She likewise apologized to the court for her non attendance and refered to “scholastic responsibilities” as the reason of her nonappearance. In any case, she said that she was not fleeing this while in light of the fact that her dad was going to all the case hearings in her nonattendance.

Sarvjeet has taken advantage of my non attendance to pick up sensitivity

Jasleen has additionally claimed that she was not making any pointless remark as she needed the law to take its course. Jasleen said that Sarvjeet has utilized her nonappearance to increase social sensitivity for himself and furthermore blamed him for putting forth wrong expressions before the media. She said that while talking regarding Sarvjeet’s case that a non-bailable warrant has been issued against her.

Jasleen has additionally claimed that she was getting threatening messages for making Sarvjeet endure. Talking in the court, Jasleen said that she felt compromised while going to the premises due to the maltreatment and dangers flung at her via web-based networking media by Sarvjeet’s supporters.

In the mean time, Sarvjeet has scrutinized her for taking three years to record her explanation which has superfluously dragging the case.

We trust the issue achieves a right end soon.