From ‘JCB ki Khudayi’ to ‘Angry Pakistani fan’, memes that took social media by storm this year

From ‘JCB ki Khudayi’ to ‘Angry Pakistani fan’, memes that took social media by storm this year

Here’s the thing: the internet is a bad place. This is, simply, indisputable. But there’s also good pockets to be found. That’s where memes come in. While online culture seems to become more and more toxic each year, it’s meme culture that really makes Logging On totally worth it. The year 2019 swept in and brought us some beloved and quickly forgotten jokes, trends, and meme templates.

So let’s gather ‘round and remember what we do best: piss away time online in hopes of making people laugh. We’ve rounded up the best of the crop because if anything is an unsettlingly accurate portrait of our times, it’s probably the memes we produce.

10-year challenge

The first viral challenge of 2019 was the ’10 Year Challenge aka #10YearChallenge’ in which the people around the world are sharing side by side images of themselves and how they have changed in the last 10 years. The challenge was not only limited to celebrities but had attracted people from all over the world. 

Baby Yoda

A late entry, Baby Yoda took the meme circuit by storm this year. A sweet alien angel who’s just here to look adorable and sip on soup, Baby Yoda is pure and a current reigning champ of the internet. He’s less of one singular meme and instead the perfect fodder for multiple templates. Perhaps you just want Baby Yoda in his egg cradle. There’s a meme for that. Or maybe you need him sipping soup (of course you do). That one’s around, too.

JCB ki Khudayi

This meme came out of nowhere and hit people’s phone, the search term Why jcb memes are trending in India was more searched due to which it got more viral. Probably JCB manufacturer got lots of free marketing due to this viral meme. #JCBKiKhudai was an extremely popular hashtag and trended furiously in May. Memes galore!

Angry Pakistani fan

Even though the match of Aus vs Pak in CWC2019 did not go well for the fans of Pakistan, Muhammad Sarim Akhtar was angry due to misfielding done by the pakistani player and his expressions were the perfect reflection of every Pakistan cricket fans, this meme was well received by everyone.

Woman yelling at the cat

The Real Housewives franchise has given us so much over the years. And this year, a photo of Taylor Armstrong from Real Housewives of Beverly Hillsyelling was placed side by side with an image of an Insta-famous cat named Smudge. As you can tell, Smudge gives zero fucks, which is perfect for anytime someone is yelling about something that you simply don’t care about.

Gonna tell my kids

Have your parents ever told you something that you believed merely because you didn’t think twice about what they were saying? Well, in 2019, the internet began planning out all the lies they’re going to tell their kids in the future. There have been many variations, with people planning on telling their kids that Destiny’s Child are actually the founding fathers, Tangled’s Repunzel and Flynn are Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes, and Spongebob and crew are actually the Avengers. It truly never gets old.. A rare find in the meme world, “Gonna tell my kids…” can simply be a joke, or it can make a statement in the same way its origin post does.

Arya Stark’s ‘Not Today’

Ever since Arya Stark narrated ‘not today’ on ‘Game Of Thrones’, it became the most popular meme on the internet.

Met Gala 2019 memes

Katy Perry’s ‘burger’ dress to Priyanka Chopra’s “bird’s nest” hairdo, from make-up to dresses there were no dearth of meme material this year.

Paragliding man

We are all aware of the viralness of the video of the man paragliding in Manali. The video showed how anyone with basic excitement and fear would feel while if he paraglides for the first time. This meme was trending in India along with its original video. Though the guy was scared, his comments made everyone laugh. His expressions, mannerisms and dialogues were used in memes that flooded the internet soon after.

Really, really, really memes

In this case, it was the word “really” that was written with varying spaces to make it look like it was moving. Basically, people post this to say what they wish or desire by repeating the word Really making a curved pattern. Many brands took the opportunity to ride the wave and bring attention to the products they sell and the services they offer. 

Nancy Pelosi’s clap

Have you done the absolute bare minimum this year? Congratulations! To celebrate, you might want to use this meme of Nancy Pelosi clapping. The image gained popularity on social media when people discovered that it’s the perfect way to celebrate the little — and by little, we mean microscopic — achievements.

First image of Black Hole

The image of Supermassive Black Hole was of literally astronomical importance to the scientific world, a validation of Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, published by him in 1905. Yet, the picture, taken by Katie Boughman, instantly became a meme.

Virat Kohli folded hands

Virat Kohli and his dramatic on-field reactions are quite famous. The cricketing star gave us some rather meme-worthy expressions including the one where he joined hands in front of the Umpire. The memes came flooding soon after and left everyone in splits. All thanks to the thrill, madness and adrenaline that usually surrounds the World Cup.

Yuzvendra Chahal’s ‘chilling’

Yuzvendra chahal not only knows how to impress people with his bowling, but also off the field, by just sitting near the boundary he was the talk of the town after the completion of the match. The photo brought all the meme stars to the yard and opened the floodgates for some hilarious memes.

People before things were invented

Inventions and discoveries have been constantly added in the history of humans, this meme has also been added as one of the trending memes in India, comparing what people did before invention and currently.


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