Furious Over Nine-Hour Train Delay, BJP Leader Says,”Forget Bullet Train And Focus On Those Already Running”

Furious Over Nine-Hour Train Delay, BJP Leader Says,”Forget Bullet Train And Focus On Those Already Running”

It was a big dig on BJP’s government that so many promising commitment has been committed regarding of  “Acche Din”, senior leader of BJP from Amritsar and previous Punjab wellbeing priest Laxmi Kanta Chawla addressed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Railway Minister Piyush Goyal, over the breaking down state of the Indian Railways. The BJP leader who was heading out from Amritsar to Ayodhya posted a video on the web, shared by The Print’s columnist Chitleen K Sethi, saying that there is no “Acche Din” for Indian Railways.

After her comments, Punjab BJP head Shwait Malik defened the party saying that after the Modi government came to control, alot of development has been done to enhance the state of Amritsar railroad station.

As indicated by The Indian Express, on December 22, Chawla,duration of journey,  on the Saryu-Yamuna Express from Amritsar to Ayodhya recorded an emphatic video message, in which she hailed the poor state of the Indian railway. In the video, she grumbled that the train about the nine-hour delayed by which she has to travelled, she complained about the toilets and thrashed about the ticket checker who was selling illegally the tickets  on an expensive rates to travellers.

Chawla, who is known for being candid, in a viral video seen saying that the administration must forget about bullet train for the time being and should concentrate on the states  right now running trains.

“My heartly request the government and PM Modi is, it would be ideal if you have compassion for us ordinary citizens. The trains are so separated… We have endured such a great amount of trouble in the previous 24 hours, the direction of a train has been changed and is running late, however nobody is giving us any data. There is no arrangement of food for those passengers going through additional 10 hours on the train.

she further said that government must to forget the train that keep running at 120 km or 200 km for each hour. Passenger are on the footpath, there is no sitting area for them and passenger are resting in the open in such a terrible cold – Piyush Goyal ji and Modi ji”

The previous BJP serve, Chawla was travelling in an AC 3-tier coach of Saryu-Yamuna Express. As per her, the train was postponed by nine hours and when it achieved its last goal – Jayanagar, Bihar the train was delayed by 14 hours. Chawla griped that there was no water in the train, no food arrangement, and even the latrine seats were broken.

Further, she attempted to ask about the purpose behind the train delay, yet she didn’t get any reaction at that point. Notwithstanding, she later discovered that the train delayed because the route of the train has been changed. The train direction has been changed is the caused a postponement of three hours which kept pilling up.

Irritate and angry Chawla wanted to connect with the railway authorities to find out the problem so she  utilizing the helpline numbers, and through messages, however around then but she dint get any respons. She stated, “It appears that the whole exercise of giving out data that the railways will take into account the crisis needs of its travelers through these numbers was only an activity in false exposure.”

In the video, she additionally requested that the railway experts that they must travel like a common traveler to get a genuine image of the railways. It was simply after her video been viral she was reached by a few authorities.

Aside from the featuring the pathetic conditions on the train she additionally called attention to that the ticket analysts on the train are pitching tickets to the travelers at the high costs. As indicated by her, a few travelers informed her that the traveller ticket inspector (TTE), alongside some other person from the staff, were moving train tickets on a more expensive rate to the travelers who are travelling ticketless.

Another Amritsar BJP leader, Rakesh Sharma, who was going in the same train with Chawla said that really it was nightmare to travel.

BJP MP to the protect

In the mean time, BJP head Shwait Malik, who is a Rajya Sabha MP, said that during the government of Prime Minister Modi Amritsar station has experienced a great deal of advancement which the past government was not ready to do. He said that the Modi government has put in some Rs 200 crore on Amritsar railways alone.

He said that no new plateform had been added to the Amritsar station after Independence, yet the Modi government has built lifts at Amritsar railway station alongside two new plateform.

He included, “We have given free water and WiFi at the station. We have built new railway overbridge in Amritsar. The rundown is long.” While condemning the Congress government, he said that the gathering has done “such harm to the framework that it requires too much time to recover”.