Girl’s Lip was Bitten off badly by Ex-Boyfriend to ‘Leave a Spot’ for Her New boyfriend

Girl’s Lip was Bitten off badly by Ex-Boyfriend to ‘Leave a Spot’ for Her New boyfriend

Warning: Contains graphic content which may be disturbing for some people.

Kayla Hayes was about to have her 19th birthday. She had summoned the courage to end an abusive relationship with Seth Aaron Fleury. For almost a year, she had watched as Seth became more controlling and more abusive.

Kayla in 2016 was 17 years old when she started dating Seth Aaron Fleury. Seth was 21 years old at that time. She said that her boyfriend used to treat her like property.

A year later she decided to leave, but Seth wanted to meet for once last time in a parking lot. Although she was firm in getting away from her boyfriend, the nightmare was just beginning.

Seth knew he was losing his girlfriend and lashed out. He wanted to leave a lasting mark on her that would never go away. He reached in, pretending to kiss her goodbye. Then he did something horrific. He grabbed her lower lip with his teeth, and completely bit it off.

To top it off, he yanked her out of the car and slammed the door in Kayla’s face, leaving her reeling and in shock. While she was unable to respond, the coward took off and fled the scene.

Kayla was forced to undergo emergency plastic surgery and received over 300 stitches. The damage caused by the attack left her with limited movement around her mouth and permanent scarring.

In October 2018, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison after being charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature. Kayla said that Seth told her that he did it intentionally so that he could leave his mark on her for her next boyfriend. Kayla says that she is a stronger person now.

Kayla credits current partner Blake for helping her to recover and being there to ‘pick up the pieces’.

Kayla speaking about Blake says, “He is amazing, he would hold me even when I was covered in stitches and told me I was beautiful. He picked up the broken pieces. He played a humongous part in my recovery and picked me up on my hardest days. He showed me that not all guys are like my ex and that there are good people out there.”

She hopes to one day return to education and transition her studies to focus on domestic violence-related issues.


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