#GonnaTellMyKids- Twitter Trend Unleashed A Flood Of Memes

#GonnaTellMyKids- Twitter Trend Unleashed A Flood Of Memes

You need to be living under a rock if you are pretty much clueless about the latest meme trend going viral all over the internet. Twitter has been caught in a storm of what witty, cryptic netizens are gonna tell their kids about, that’s a real morph of clever humour over insane imaginations. 

Gonna tell my kids is the latest catchphrase that has set Internet buzzing. Remember the 10 years challenge? Or the Ice bucket challenge? Anything netizens find interesting, they end up creating hilarious memes that will make you go ROFL. And when trend meets Bollywood the churned out content is too funny for words. Following the latest challenge, Twitter is flooded with creative memes of ‘Gonna Tell My Kids’

Here’s a list of the most hilarious memes Twitter’s tripping on today, ones that also prove we desis are the funniest.


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