Google Employee Left Job to Sell Samosas, Now Earns 50 Lakhs Annually

Google Employee Left Job to Sell Samosas, Now Earns 50 Lakhs Annually

Finding a new line of work in one of the tech mammoths has consistently been considered as a major accomplishment for all IITians. Finding work at Google tops everything. It came as stun to numerous when one of the workers of the IT mammoth relinquished his profession to accomplish something considerably increasingly incredible. To sell “Samosas”

Munaf Kapadia got his degree in MBA a couple of years back and left the nation following two or three years of working here, and began his stretch at Google. Notwithstanding, in the wake of laboring for a couple of years, going into business struck him and he came back to India.

Munaf left his position at Google to sell samosas and is currently the pleased proprietor of The Bohri Kitchen (TBK) in Mumbai.

TBK’s Samosas are a major hit among celebrated big names and five-star inns in Mumbai. An assortment of dishes other than samosas is additionally sold here, for example, Nargis kebab, Dabba gosht, and numerous others. In spite of this eatery is just a year old, it has a turnover of Rs 50 lakh. Munaf wishes to grow and build the yearly turnover to almost Rs 5 crore in a couple of years.

All the sustenance things in the eatery are by one way or another contributed by Munaf’s mom. She has constantly adored watching cooking shows and has been a magnificent cook herself. Taking thoughts and tips from his mom Munaf chose to open up his very own chain of café.

Munaf’s eatery is so renowned among the general population of Mumbai that individuals hang tight in long lines for their turn. Munaf has been included in the Forbes Under 30 rundown and credits his whole accomplishment to his mom.

Anyway risky Munaf’s choice may have been, his fortitude and commitment have made his endeavor so effective toward the end.

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