‘Grandma From Hell’ Dips 2-YO Girl’s Feet In Boiling Water & They Might Have To Be Amputated

‘Grandma From Hell’ Dips 2-YO Girl’s Feet In Boiling Water & They Might Have To Be Amputated

Recently a news came up where a step grandmother deliberately dipped a toddler’s feet into boiling water as punishment because she was having a “bad day.”

Two-year-old, Kaylee Robinson, got through horrific third-degree burns and blisters from her ankles to toes while she was being looked after by her relative.

She is not able to run or walk and is in pain, her injuries have been described as ‘sock burns’ because it looks like she is wearing a pair of pink socks. Kaylee’s mum, Brittany Smith, claims that Vaughn admitted to using very hot water to punish Kaylee because she was having a bad day.

Vaughn has now been charged with aggravated child abuse and is being held in custody. If find guilty she could be sentenced from 15 to 18 years in prison. Brittany said Kaylee has already undergone two operations, but neither has worked and she will still need surgery.

,“The skin is not really repairing itself in the way the doctors hoped it would. Kaylee is in a lot of pain. They are going to take some skin from her thigh next week to try and repair her feet. She is at high risk of infection and could end up losing them.” her mother told Metro US.

She also added that Brittany had this babysitting lots of time for Kaylee.

Brittany called Vaughn , and she was told to come home ASAP,but didn’t tell her what happened. Meanwhile, Kaylee was screaming in pain in the background.

When Brittany reached home, Vaughn said that she had put Kaylee in the bath and the toddler suffered burns when she left the room for a couple of minutes. Kaylee was immediately rushed to the hospital and police were alerted. 

According to Brittany doctors have suggested Kaylee not to walk for sometime. She is having recovery at home.


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