Groom Exposes Cheating Bride At Wedding, Plays Video of Her Getting naked With Another Man

Groom Exposes Cheating Bride At Wedding, Plays Video of Her Getting naked With Another Man

I’m lucky enough to not have been cheated on in any of my relationships, but I have met plenty of people who have gone through the horrible process of discovering your other half has betrayed you, and dealing with the aftermath. That kind of heartbreak is never going to go smoothly, and while many just break up after this kind of thing, it can last a lot longer for others.

Yet there are some who aren’t able to let it go, or even walk away. Some people want revenge on the person that hurt them, and will go to great lengths to get it done. You may have heard stories about this before, but it likely wasn’t as dramatic as this one, wherein the groom revealed his wife’s infidelity to their friends, family, and colleagues who had gathered to celebrate their relationship.

That’s right, he exposed her cheating habits during their wedding. The wedding reportedly took place in the province of Fujian in south-eastern China.

Guests erupted in cheers as a pair of newlyweds in China took to the stage before family and friends at their wedding banquet.

But instead of a video montage showing the couple’s journey of love, the projector played a steamy bedroom scene featuring the bride… and the groom’s brother-in-law.

With the affair out for all to see, the disgraced woman threw her hand bouquet at her husband as the enraged man yelled: “Did you think I didn’t know about this?”

Shortly after, they are separated by their family and friends. The unexpected expose had wedding guests gasping in shock.

The groom discovered his fiancée had an affair with her pregnant sister’s husband after installing a security camera in their future home during a renovation project.

An influential Chinese blogger claimed that the bride cheated on the man after suffering from domestic violence from him.

She allegedly agreed to marry him after he had promised to pay for a flat and a car for their union.

But the local media claims that the whole incident is a marketing ploy. They pointed out that the clip that was screened at the wedding had the watermark of a video platform “Aubergine Video” on it, and thus they speculated that the expose was a marketing gimmick.


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