Guy’s Mom Goes Viral After Everyone Thought She Was His Girlfriend

Guy’s Mom Goes Viral After Everyone Thought She Was His Girlfriend

For Asians it would be a regular compliment that they don’t age .Here’s a story of a boy who’s mom looks too young to be called a mother. But sometimes it becomes awkward if someone mistakes them the better half instead of parents.

This eventually becomes a huge advantage for Asians who want to become parents, as many would believe that their kids are their siblings instead. However,

Jonathan Nyugen, who posted pictures of himself with his mother onto the popular Facebook group, Subtle Asian Traits.

He even posted a photo boozing with mom . He shared:

“Me: I’m done drinking for the night.
“Mom: we are in Hawaii. Don’t be weak.
“Me: x_x….. drinks”

netizens are shocked to see the piture perfect. and gave their reactions.

But they could believe this after seeing the picture

Still cant stop mentioning :

What secret makes her mother looks so young Jonathan still has to reply for this., but he clearly didn’t expect his posting to have gotten the attention that it did, since it caught over 14,000 reactions and 7,600 comments. He took to his Facebook page to share the fact that his mother does not know about the posting.

“Didn’t expect this. My mum is going to go wild,” he wrote.


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