He is known as the ‘Real Hulk’ alive on Earth, and People are Absolutely Right

He is known as the ‘Real Hulk’ alive on Earth, and People are Absolutely Right

In childhood, we have seen many cartoons. And we were crazy for some cartoon characters, and in our real life we ​​want to fly like a super hero, want to act like them. But we always hear that they are not really super heroes. But wait, one Iranian man may have just proved adults all over the world wrong.

lets take a glance at Real Incredible Hulk in these articals .

It is the Persian Hercules or the Iranian Hulk, which is a huge weightlifter, which has astounding social media with its physical size.Not only is this guy massive, he looks f like everybody’s favourite green giant from the comic books. Well, he’s definitely not green, but everything else is similar!

He Weighs 385 Pounds

Sajad Gharibi, 25 , is said to weigh almost 385 pounds , The enormous man can lift up to 175kg, which is more than his weighs. Those close to him say that he completely dwarfs anyone in his presence.

He’s A Social Media Celebrity

he is social media sensation .His Instagram account has more than 50,000 followers from all over the world. he shares his photos including training sessions, family snaps.

He’s Happy To Share His Secrets

Sajad Gharibi doesn’t keep all of  his diet and workout  secrets with us . he openly shares all about his meals ,daily diet his workout and training session . when you look at his account u found all over his meal plans and training regimes.

He Has Multiple Nicknames

Internet sensation Gharibi’s Has Multiple Nicknames . Some people call him ‘Iranian Hulk,’. some others prefer to call him ‘Persian Hercules.he’s winning at life! Both nicknames  help him further his career in the bodybuilding industry.

A Big Teddy Bear

Hulk looks very tough by his  look , but in fact his closest persons said that he is a sweet in real life. His family says that he’s a huge teddy bear with golden heart and we love him completely!

He Lifts Weights Like They’re Toys

The Iranian Hulk can lift weights as though they’re made of feathers. he  can lift up to 175kg, which is more than he weighs.

He Worked Hard For This

Gharbi size is not at all accidental . he did tough job for it . Using a winning combo of training and diet, he built himself up to be the size that he is today.

A Bilingual Beast

When creating his online content, Gharibi uses a combination of English and his native language, Farsi . In videos, In the video, he says that he will always speak the language of his country. However, he likes to use English for his social media hashtag.