He was raping me with his eyes: Esha Gupta accuses man of inappropriate behaviour

He was raping me with his eyes: Esha Gupta accuses man of inappropriate behaviour

The Bollywood on-screen character got out a Delhi-based restaurateur Rohit Vig for making her vibe awkward.

Bollywood entertainer Esha Gupta who was as of late found in the film ‘One Day: Justice Delivered’, shared her awkward experience on Twitter. Esha was on a night out celebrating with her companions when she got down on about hotelier named Rohit Vig of unseemly conduct. The ‘Raaz 3’ entertainer took to internet based life to voice her disappointment over the hotelier’s conduct out in the open.

Esha tweeted, “If a lady like me can feel damaged and hazardous in the district, at that point idk what young ladies around feel. Indeed, even with two protections around I felt getting assaulted.. #RohitVig you’re a swine.. he has the right to spoil.”

She included another tweet, “Men like Rohit vig, are the reason ladies don’t have a sense of security anyplace. You around me with your eyes and gazes was sufficient.”

In her Instagram stories too, Esha has been discussing her difficulty. She expressed, “About my past post, this person was truly assaulting me with his eyes..thanks to my security for being more patient than me in this situation..does anybody know him? #deardonna.”

Gupta shared all conceivable data on the culprit, adding that he was approached to ‘carry on’ thrice before he was inevitably approached to leave the premises by her watchmen. Esha shared a long video of the supposed harasser, and later distinguished him with the assistance of online life.

“He was mentioned to carry on thrice and afterward leave..then in the long run 2 gatekeepers must be around me..even the security cam can affirm this..who is this “future attacker.” Naming him, the entertainer proceeded, “His name is-rohit..He possesses st regis in goa (sic).” “Rohit Vig-claims St Regis Goa,” Esha shared.


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