Heartbreaking! Dog dies saving his owner from being electrocuted in Punjab

Heartbreaking! Dog dies saving his owner from being electrocuted in Punjab

Canines are in every case more steadfast than an individual. One such occurrence occurred in Derabassi, Punjab where a Dog spared his proprietor’s life by giving up himself. The proprietor’s name is Jaspreet Bedi, who was an inhabitant of SBP Housing venture. Jaspreet Bedi put his feet on the exposed wire and was shocked. A short time later, the pooch (Labrador) pushed Jaspreet and got shocked himself. The canine passed on the spot, while, Jaspreet embraced him tight and weeped for quite a while. Subsequent to viewing the entire occurrence the general population present on the spot were crying as well.

Jaspreet told that he and his family including the pet canine moved to the pads of SBP Housing venture, a year prior. He told that he was on a stroll with his pooch like consistently, yet there was the water in the city. Jaspreet said that the pooch got a current, to which Jaspreet was attempting to spare him, however the canine nibble him and pushed him, yet couldn’t spare himself. Likewise, Jaspreet said that the uncovered wires are here however nobody offers damn to it. The pooch was one-year-old.

After the entire episode, the occupants of SBP lodging task were seethed ablaze and reprimanded the SBP for the carelessness. In the interim, the SBP Housing venture head Aman Singla said the episode occurred because of the carelessness of the temporary worker and the exacting move will be made against him.


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