Here are 7 Conditions of Shah Rukh Khan to Date Daughter Suhana Khan

Here are 7 Conditions of Shah Rukh Khan to Date Daughter Suhana Khan

Shah Rukh Khan has been a hovering family man. HE is very concerend about his family.He said on many occasions that subsequent to spending 10 years in Bollywood he wishes to be a family man. He adores to wrap up his shoots soon and afterward returned  home to his family. He  cherishes investing energy with his most youthful child Abram and playing with him. He jumps at the chance to have a  word with Aryan with the end goal to comprehend what is going in his  brain.

Also, with regards to his little girl Suhana, at that point this daddy is to a great defensive. He has on numerous occasions said that he is exceptionally defensive about his little girl. Karan Johar shared at the Koffee With Karan scene where Shah Rukh and Alia both were seen together and said that Shah Rukh continues going out for a stroll in Suhana’s room with the end goal to keep himself aware about what is happening in his girl’s life. Furthermore, this whole demonstration bothers Suhana profoundly. However, that is the manner by which fathers are:

Shah Rukh is to a great degree defensive about his 16 year old daughter and he will be extremely mindful about the sort of young men who date Suhana. What’s more, he has said this at number of occurrences that he will rip off a kid’s lip if a person kiss to Suhana.

Amid an ongoing meeting with Femina, Shah Rukh shared the accompanying focuses that a person must have with the end goal to date SuhWellana –

1. The Guy Must Have A Job.

All things considered, which father needs to give his girl to a jobless person right? Along these lines, the plain first guideline is the person must have a job and must gain his very own bread with the goal that he can keep little girl Suhana cheerful!

2. The Guy Must Have A Lawyer

Any person who needs to enter Suhana Khan’s life must have his very own legal advisor. Truly, the truth is out.

3. The person ought to approve of the way that Shah Rukh doesn’t care for him.

This is a somewhat entertaining one. Dad Shahrukh dislike the person Suhana likes and needs the person to approve of this reality. Yet, who will even NOT be alright? It’s Shahrukh Khan all things considered!! Is it safe to say that it isn’t?

4. The person must comprehend that Shah Rukh is all over the place and in this way he will dependably watch out for them two

Much the same as each possessive and minding Father, Shahrukh has done his best to guarantee his valuable princess stays ensured dependably. Shahrukh Khan has guaranteed to watch out for the couple wherever they go! Less security for girl Suhana?

5. Shah Rukh has dependably said that Suhana is her princess and she is on her priority

This is the best thing we’ve gone over up until this point! What a flawless thing to state Shahrukh!! So folks… BEWARE!

6. Shah Rukh is truly evident that whatever the person will do to Suhana a similar treatment Shah Rukh will guarantee that the person additionally gets.

WHOA!! It’s not possible for anyone to set out to disturb Suhana Khan as ‘Raees’ may very well thump you down!!

7. SRK won’t dither to go to imprison due to his little girl

Goodness well, some strict principles for the person who will date Suhana Khan!

We’ll unquestionably sit tight for whoever that fortunate (not) fellow is. All things considered, fortunate or not, we unquestionably realize that Suhana Khan is one damn fortunate young lady have a dad like SRK! Watch this space for additional


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