Here’s To Rob Of Pogo Fame, That One Art Teacher We 90s Kids Never Got Bored Watching

Here’s To Rob Of Pogo Fame, That One Art Teacher We 90s Kids Never Got Bored Watching

All of the 90’s kids have grown up watching Pogo. Apart from the cartoon shows the one show which made us inseparable from T.V was M.A.D.

M.A.D stands for Music, Arts and Dance and it was an art and craft show.

No parent has ever stopped their children from watching M.A.D.

Well because the host of the show aka Uncle Rob had that magical power to make every kid addicted to music, dance and art.

Harun Robert or Rob made every kid believe that learning something is as enjoyable and pretty as the end result. The show aired for 5 years and had 7 seasons.

It was all fun watching him making those beautiful pieces of art from the simplest of things. He used to make a puppet just from papers and marker.

And we all tried making those things at home.

We used to wake up early on Sundays just to watch him making those amazing pieces of art and learn them. Our inner artist used to wake up by seeing that show.

Candy and Rumana, the female hosts who used to give us some amazing facts during the show. One thing more interesting was the dance on the theme for the day by the kids and the female host.

Remember The Big Picture? The most important and awaited part of the show where we could imagine what will Rob make today in The Big Picture.

It was like a treat to eyes watching all those big paintings.

Recently he paid a tribute to this segment of the show when his YouTube channel crossed 1 million subscribers.

Yes our favourite host has his own YouTube channel, Mad Stuff With Rob. You can catch all his madness on this channel.

The best part about this show was that we never got exhausted watching it. Rather we found new styles each and every time we watched it.

How about we not overlook that he was the man who made us familiar with the term, DIY before it really wound up prominent.

He was the person who ingrained in us the feeling of reusing and helped us make the best out of waste.

He was the person who made our Sundays so beautiful and imaginative.


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