Here’s Why Dhoni doesn’t want Himself to Retain in CSK by IPL 2021 Auctions

Here’s Why Dhoni doesn’t want Himself to Retain in CSK by IPL 2021 Auctions

Master blaster Dhoni has recently asked Chennai Super Kings to not retain him during the 2012 Indian Premier League . Initially, people were in a confusion that why did he do that?

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Chennai Super Kings is one of the best teams in the T20 league. So , why would he want to move away from it ?

However, the wise and understanding mind that the former Indian skipper possesses hasn’t deceived him and believe it or not, Dhoni has given this move a fair bit of thought. When the wicket-keeper batsman urged CSK to let his name go to the auction table, he also asked them to use the ‘Right to Match’ card.

If Chennai decides to not retain Dhoni and use their ‘Right to Match’ card on him, it would give them a fair bit of opportunity to save a lot of money and enable them to bid for more talented players during the auction. 

For the general knowledge , we are sharing the meaning of Right to Match card . An IPL franchise is allowed to retain a maximum of three players during the auction. Suppose they do go ahead and retain all three of them, the ‘right to match’ allows them to ‘price-match’ two other cricketers amidst the bidding war and have an advantage over the other team. The only catch is that the ‘right to match’ is valid only on players who were a part of that particular franchise during the previous season.

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In a report published by Times of India ,one of the team source said: “There will be a big auction before the 2021 IPL and Dhoni has already told us that he will play in the tournament. So there’s no question of his retirement from the T20 version anytime soon. He wants to go back to the auction pool for the big auction that will take place ahead of the 2021 season. That will give CSK the option of using the Right-to-Match card to pick him, maybe for a lower price. 

Being the captain he is, Dhoni is ready to sacrifice money for CSK because we know what Dhoni means to us. We may not let him go back to the auction pool.” He further added.

Dhoni might loose some of the money but his smart move has revealed his strong desire to win .This decision of his will help out the franchise to have better list of the deserved one. He is an ultimate master of the cricket world.


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