Hey Girls, Don’t Get Married Till You Do These 17 Things

Hey Girls, Don’t Get Married Till You Do These 17 Things

Growing up, we all imagined what our life would look like once we hit the big 3-0, once we had kids, or once we got married. There’s a lot to love about reaching all of those milestones. But we had to be more conscious of how much there is to love about the lead-up, too.  Even some of the darkest moments — breakups, fights, you name it! — actually turn out to be beneficial in the long-haul. Marriage is about as big as milestones come. This is your partner! For life! And as such, there are some fundamental life moves you should try to accomplish beforeyou walk down the aisle, just to be sure that you’re entering into your marriage as responsible and self-aware as you can be. 

Sure, there’s a lot of hype about finally finding the one, but the worst thing you can do is rush through all those independent years that come before it. Here, 17 things to cross off your pre-marriage “bucket list,” so to speak.

Explore Yourself

Before hitting the marriage line, you must have explored yourself to the core. Once tied with the family you might not get time to spend on your self-discovery. It is the time you must find out who you are, what you want and how you want your life to be. Meet new people, make friends, take decisions and learn from them. Whether to Italia or Kerela, a solo trip is a great way of getting to know yourself. It’ll help you know how good (or bad) you are at handling the unexpected curves that life throws at you.

 Wear Whatever You Want To

You’ve always wanted to try retro but didn’t have the guts to. Or you’ve always wanted to try some slutty outfits, but are bothered about what people will say. Try out all the fashion trends you want to.

Make A Lot Of Good Friends

By ‘good’ friends, we mean those sort of people who’ll stick by you even when your life gets hectic with the added responsibilities of marriage. Learn to rely on them and have them rely on you.

Fashion Experiments

Carry out all your fashion experiments before you get hitched. Long hair, blue hair, tattoos, piercings, whatever it is- do it right away. You never know what happens in future. So get all your fashion wishes fulfilled. Rebel against yourself for a bit.

Date. A Lot!

Join a dating app, go on a date fixed up by common friends. You don’t want to feel like you missed out on the amazing and sometimes horrible experiences of single life.

Cook Awesome Meals For Yourself

Most of the time, if girls are asked to pamper themselves, they think of spa days and shopping, but cooking yourself nice three course meals can be a way of pampering yourself. And it’s the kind of pampering you can do often.

Splurge On Yourself

It will be a good boost to your self-esteem if you splurge in now and then, especially before your marriage as it can totally change your outlook. Self-indulge and pamper yourself because you can and you should. Go on, you know you want to buy those shoes!

Be Independent

It is high time you pay your own bills and make your own decisions. Feel the essence of life in all terms. Feel the joy of spending your own cash. Live your life on your terms and let people never make a bad decision for you. Let life treat you while you keep the spirits high and demanding. Be independent, take your own decisions, live alone and learn to handle all your responsibilities.

Know Yourself

At the root of it all, you should understand yourself – what you truly like and dislike, what your beliefs are, etc. Sometimes, we don’t even admit to what we want from life and get influenced by the people around us. Understanding oneself will help you understand what you want from life and in turn your relationship with your soulmate.

Have your Heart broken

We’ve all fallen for the wrong guy before and know that it only makes us stronger. Having your heart broken makes you understand love better and appreciate the right guy more when he comes along.
As one woman put it, “It not only made me a stronger individual coming out of it, but it also showed me never to take love for granted.”

Flush The Negativity

You are a grown-up, you know what to clinch on and what not to embrace. Flush out the negativity you have in your life and make plans to slay. This goes without saying but yes, you need to dumb people who give you undesired vibes.

Pursue Weird Hobbies

We are all creepy deep down. Like to collect dead bugs? Want to plaster your walls with a celebrity’s face? Bring out any of those weird hobbies that you have and pursue them, because chances are you will have to pretend to be normal when you settle down! God forbid if that should happen! 

Spend Time With Your Parents

Have one of those shopping trips and coffee sessions with your mom, bond with your dad over a glass of wine. You’ll miss them the most once you’re married, even if you do live close to them.

Go Out With Your Girls Gang

Not saying you can’t do this after you get married, but lots of ladies agree there’s something especially liberating, eye-opening, and bond-bolstering about doing it beforehand.

Keep A Diary

Keep a diary to write down all your good and bad memories. It always helps to recollect. So when you are married and think fo old times, the dairy will help you recollect of those sweet memories clearly. “Dear diary,” are the words that you are going to treasure and reminisce over when you are 50, or even a few years down the line.

Eat Whatever You Want

This is one of those essential things to do before getting married. Eat whatever you are craving and if it is not too healthy, exercise and sweat it out. No worries.

Figure Out Why You Want To Marry

Is it love that you want to spend the rest of your life with them? Or it is just because you are getting older? Find out the real reason before you make the final call.


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