Himansh Kohli Finally Reveals the Shocking Truth of His Break-Up with Neha Kakkar

Himansh Kohli Finally Reveals the Shocking Truth of His Break-Up with Neha Kakkar

It’s been almost a year since singer Neha Kakkar and actor Himansh Kohli parted way. The couple seemed to be much-in-love but their breakup looked very ugly and became a topic of discussion instantly. Neha hinted about it at several instances and even broke down on the reality show Indian Idol when his name was mentioned. Now, Himansh has finally broken his silence and shared his side of the breakup story. 

On being asked about the reason behind the breakup, Himansh said, “There were so many things that happened, but I didn’t want to talk about it. All I can say is that she didn’t want to continue and so, we mutually decided to separate. She decided to move on in life and I respected that. But then in no time, the story took a turn. Each time she put up a post, I faced a backlash.”

When asked about the breakup being ‘ugly’, Himansh said , “Today things have settled down, but yes, there was a time when the entire world was cursing me on social media. No one wanted to know the real story. I was crowned as the villain overnight. It was extremely saddening as I was not saying anything and people were drawing their conclusions based on what Neha was putting out. She cried on shows and everyone believed that only I was to blame. I wanted to cry too, but then we tend to put up a brave front. At the end of the day though, we are humans.”

Sharing how he handled the difficult phase, Himansh said, “I took a holiday to London. I was the talk of the town, because every time she posted something, people trolled me. It felt like I was in everybody’s bad books. Also, I was losing the confidence to talk to women. I found solace in meditation.”

In the same conversation, Himansh has also explained how he had kept his professional career aside and opted to go with her for her shows so to spend some time with her. The actor felt bad and left disheartened when he was accused of cheating the popular singer following their break up.

“One thing that hurt me was when everyone accused me of using her. I couldn’t understand that. Four films of mine had released before I met her and I was making money. While the two of us were together, I didn’t do much work because I used to travel with her for her shows so that we could spend time together. I let a lot of work pass in those months. Then people also said that I had cheated on her and that’s why things ended. Thankfully, a few months later, she cleared the air and said I hadn’t cheated on her. After that things got better. I have put it all behind me now,” Himansh said.


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