Husband Takes Maternity Photos To Cheer Up Pregnant Wife On Bed Rest

Husband Takes Maternity Photos To Cheer Up Pregnant Wife On Bed Rest

Pregnancy is a very important phase in every woman’s life. From the feeling of letting life grow inside your body to bringing it in the world, everything about pregnancy is special. And several moms-to-be wish to capture these moments for life through a maternity photoshoot.

It’s easy to get excited about shooting your pregnancy announcement, so when mom-to-be Kelsey Brewer arranged to have her photos taken and later found out she wouldn’t be able to attend because she was put on bed rest, she was reasonably disappointed. Instead of that being the end of it, her husband went where no spouse has gone before and reached out to the photographer — he was going to surprise her by posing for the photos himself! As though he were pregnant! And the resulting pictures are LIT!

The photographer, Kiana Smither of K.M. Smither Photography, who is also Kelsey’s sister spoke about her experience of shooting her brother-in-law for maternity pictures.

“Jared is a big goofball. We had talked about the idea very early on in pregnancy but forgot about it. Then once Kelsey got put on bed rest, he was upset that she was disappointed. He wanted to cheer her up and put a smile on her face,” Smither told.

“He was working it in front of the camera!” Smither said. “I would ask him to do a pose and he would add this extra flair to it. Hysterical!”

Kelsey absolutely loved the sweet gesture by her husband. “She almost peed herself laughing so hard,” Smither said. “It brought tears to her eyes to have a husband that’s so willing to do anything to make the best out of a situation!”

Check out Jared’s super cute pictures from the maternity shoot:

No one expected, however, that the photos would go viral. Internet users across the world loved the idea, and as of last weekend, the post containing his photos was shared over 44,000 times.

“We did not expect these photos to go viral at all,” she said. “Everyone loves them! The laughter that Jared has brought to all of these people is incredible.”

Clearly, everyone also loved the idea of a male maternity photoshoot. Why do the girls only get to have fun in front of the camera? Dads can rock their belly too! Love the way Jared flaunts his beer belly bump in the photos though! 

In even better news, the couple welcomed their son, Kash Cooper, last Saturday at 11:05 a.m. He came in at four pounds and five ounces, and his aunt has called him a “super cutie.”

One thing is for sure, Kash is lucky to have a dad with such a good sense of humour. Any situation he’s thrown in, his dad is sure to teach him how to see the brighter side of things and how to make the best of it! After all, he has photo evidence of this philosophy.


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