IAS officer resigns from service citing J&K restrictions, says ‘want my freedom of expression back’

IAS officer resigns from service citing J&K restrictions, says ‘want my freedom of expression back’

Kannan Gopinathan ,an IAS officer held the post of secretary of power, urban development and agriculture departments in the Dadra and Nagar Haveli administration resigns from his post. He submitted his resignation from the service on August 21, The NewsMinutereported on Saturday.

He said he has been really disturbed by the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, adding that he was unable to use his voice in the job.

He said I want my freedom of expression intact,” according to NewsMinute. “I joined the services believing I can give voice to others, but here I am unable to use my own voice. My resignation will give me my freedom of expression back.”

If you ask me what you were doing, when one of the world’s largest democracies announced a ban on the entire state, and even violated the fundamental rights of the people, I should at least be able to reply that I resigned my job,” he told The Indian Express.

“I know this won’t make any impact, it would be news for half a day only,” he added. “But I wanted to do it nevertheless”

He said to The Hindu  “There has been a lack of response to it,we seem to be perfectly fine with it. I also see in some small ways how I am also a part of it. I think if I had a newspaper, the only thing I would be printing on the front page would be ‘19’ on the front page, because today [Wednesday] is the nineteenth day.”

He also pointed towards the lack of response from the service about the detention of politician and former civil servant Shah Faesal. “We got into the service thinking that we can provide voice to people, but then we ended up with our own voice being taken away from us,” Gopinathan said. The officer said it is the right of the people to respond to the decisions of the government in a democracy.

I just know that this is not right and I don’t want to be in it,” he added.

Gopinathan had gone to Kerala during the unusual floods that hit the state in 2018,He gave all his selfless efforts forgetting his post and rescue people for continuous 8 days without letting anyone knows about him.


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