In a Wedding the Groom’s father ran away with bride’s mother, Check What couple did next

In a Wedding the Groom’s father ran away with bride’s mother, Check What couple did next

It was a couple’s D-day, but things took a bizarre turn after the bride’s mother and groom’s father reportedly eloped days before the wedding.

In Bollywood super hit ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun,’ groom’s father and the bride’s mother are put in a comically awkward situation when father’s college-days crush on her is revealed by none other than her husband. All relish this harmless disclosure with laughs and the marriage passes off smoothly.

The Surat couple, who dreamed of happily-ever-after until this month were left aghast when the would-be in-laws – groom’s father and bride’s mother – revived their young days’ love and both reportedly fled. 

Wondering how on earth did they manage to fall in love so fast?!  Well, their love story is older than their kids.  Just that their love rekindled after decades. They are 48 and 46 years of age and they thought they are never too old to elope. 

The couple, who called off the wedding after the incident, were about to tie the knot in the second week of February, but the mother of the bride and the father of the groom are nowhere to be found for 10 days now.

While the man disappeared from his house in Katagam area, the woman left her house in Navsari. It is strongly suspected that they have eloped, leaving the families in an extremely embarrassing situation.

It is believed that the groom’s father knew the bride’s mother from earlier. The two had been neighbours in Katargam area of Surat city a long time ago and even dated each other for a brief period of time. The report further adds that the two had even tried to elope several years before they decided to give themselves a second chance. They were unable to marry each other the first time around since her family ended up marrying her to a wealthy diamond broker instead.

“They knew each other since they lived in same society. Some of their close friends informed us after they eloped that they had a relationship in the past too. However, Swati got engaged with her current husband in Navsari,” said a relative of both the families.

Swati, whose family hails from Bhavnagar district, got married to a diamond artisan who later became a broker. The man is said to be a textile businessman.  

After decades, they crossed paths again last year and decided to get their children married.  The engagement ceremony took place last year and a grand wedding was scheduled to be held in February.


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