IN PICTURES: These 28 Rare Photos of India(1900) Will Bring You Closer To India’s Past

IN PICTURES: These 28 Rare Photos of India(1900) Will Bring You Closer To India’s Past

Ever wondered how ancient India looked like?  India has always been a country of incredible beauty.These 1900-1908 photos are not only interesting because they  bring a past into life, but also because people and places in these photographs prove that India has always been a  country which is enthusiastically happy.

We put together a collection of such rare pictures: Take a look ….

1.Fatehpur Sikri

ATHLETIC  Man jumped into tank below 15ft .


State barges of the Maharaja of Kashmir


A Poor cripple ox -cart.

4.Mumbai coast.

The cave temples of Elephanta

5.Navi Mumbai

Parsi headmaster with students.


Beggar at golden temple golden temple India .


Mahapalika Marg in bombay .

8.Mount Abu

Colonnade at Dilwara Jain of Mount Abu.

9.Shimla .

NALDEHRA , shimla India

10. the River Sutlej.

Inflating bullock-skin boats to cross the river — Banks of the Sutlej

11 Sikandara, Agra.

Akbar tomb Sikandara, Agra, India

12. Madurai

Temple pillars ,Madurai.

13.the River Ganga in Varanasi.

Sadhus on the bank of River Ganga in Varansi .



Hindu funeral procession in Agra.

15. Dilwara Temples of Mount Abu.

Greenery and beautiful countryside of Dilwara temple ,Mount Abu.


School boy at the golden temple , AMRITSAR


17 Sikandara Agra

Entrance to Akbar’s Tomb ,Sikhandara ,agra.

18 Mount Abu

Another amazing pic of Mount Abu having shepherds tending their flock.

19. AGRA

A beautiful view of Tajmahal. Tajmahal reflection  in yamuna ,agra.

20 jaipur , (raj)

Rare pic of crowd watching Bear performance, jaipur

21.Delhi, india

Jama Masjid . Delhi

22.Andaman Cellular Jail

Female prisoners at the Andaman Cellular Jail,


Temple pond  at Varanasi..


24 Bridegroom and Groom ,mumbai.


25.Jhelum — en -route to Kashmir

Crossing the Jhelum — en -route to Kashmir

26,Maunt Abu

Meditation under the hot sun .

27.DELHI 1908

A Busy street of Delhi in 1908


Palace of Man Singh – Gwalior

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