In this Office Employees have to Wear Helmets daily, Reason will make you Laugh

In this Office Employees have to Wear Helmets daily, Reason will make you Laugh

Safety is the top most priority for everyone — be it outdoors or in your workspace.

The Power Department Office in Uttar Pradesh’s Banda district saw an unusual sight on Monday. Employees of the electricity department were seen wearing helmets while doing their routine jobs on their desks.

The reason? They were fearful that their the office in the government building might collapse on their heads.

The decrepit condition of the building, with holes in the roof and papers and files scattered across a room that doesn’t have any cupboards and drawers, forced the employees to take such a bizarre step.

According to ANI, the employees said they wore helmets as they thought the roof of the building would crash anytime on their heads and the helmet was the only way to protect themselves.

ANI also tweeted a picture of the incident and that’s how the whole thing surfaced on the internet.

“Banda: Employees of electricity dept wear helmets to protect themselves from any untoward incident while working in a dilapidated office building. One of the employees says, “It’s the same condition since I joined 2 yrs ago. We’ve written to authorities but there is no response”, the tweet read. 

The pictures, clearly, show the bad condition of the building and only a pillar in the middle of the room is holding everything together.

However, the employees of electricity department in Banda are not the first ones facing this situation. In 2017, staff of Bihar government office in East Champaran was seen donning helmets before heading inside their office building, which is in a dilapidated condition.

Even the people visiting this bloc office in Areraj opt to protect their heads before entering into the bloc of the government office.

Though the office has been declared dangerous in 2016 by the Bihar government’s building construction department, people continue to work in the bloc wearing helmets.

All we can hope is that the UP Government looks into the matter and find a solution to this or maybe renovate the office, as the employees lives are at stake.


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