Indian Erotic Film Actress Sapna Sappu Slams Mahesh Bhatt For Calling Her B-Grade Actress

Indian Erotic Film Actress Sapna Sappu Slams Mahesh Bhatt For Calling Her B-Grade Actress

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Sapna Sappu is an Indian erotica film actress who worked predominantly in Hindi erotica Indian films. She entered the film industry in the movie Gunda, which was directed by Kanti Shah and she was given a role as the sister of a hit actor.

It was rumoured that Sapna would enter the reality show Bigg Boss season 14, but it did not happen. Now, an old video of her’s is surfacing internet, in which she told that if her films are B-grade, then what are the films of Mahesh Bhatt? Those films also have bed scenes and kissing scenes, if the Bhatt banner name is removed from those films, will they be able to get A-grade. ‘

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She had said in a conversation with a website :”People tell me that I am a B-grade and C-grade actress. What does Mahesh Bhatt make? Bikini, kissing scene, bed scene and glamour are used in my films, but all this happens in their films too.”

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Apart from this, she said, “If there are crores of girls in our country, we work hard day and night. She is ready to do even bold scenes to get films, but what is the need for the officer to make a film about Sunny Leone? Do those crores of girls now have to learn what Sunny Leone does, then they will get a film?”

This is not the first time that Sapna has targeted film maker Mahesh Bhatt, it’s been done by her many a times earlier too. She has made many shocking revelations about Mahesh Bhatt not once or twice but many times.


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