India’s Tiger Population On The Rise: Picture Of A Tigress Walking With Her Cubs Gives Us Hope

India’s Tiger Population On The Rise: Picture Of A Tigress Walking With Her Cubs Gives Us Hope

Tigers are integral to the idea of India, and with plummeting numbers in the past, wildlife conservation became a top priority. Many charities, foundations, and campaigns were set up for the benefit of the cause of increasing tiger population and today the efforts have come to fruition, especially in light of this wonderful image of a tigress and her cubs shared on Twitter.

As it stands, India’s current Tiger population is estimated to be almost 3000 (2967 to be precise), and if the picture is anything to go by, this number is only bound to go up. 

Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer, Parveen Kaswan shared a beautiful picture of a tigress walking with her five cubs in the Terai region in Uttarakhand, that brought joy to the internet as it alluded to more safe environments being created for the mighty and majestic animal! 

Terai has been recorded with the highest ratio of tigers in India, with figures that rose from 79 in 2014 to least 119 adults in 2018 alone. This population boom has happened in the vast Terai region of Uttarakhand’s Western Circle and a heterogeneous and complex landscape in the area has made it possible.

As soon as the picture went viral, a user wrote, ‘Terai is one of the most ecological productive ecosystems of the globe. It bounces back very soon in case given due to protection and slightly intervened with habitat inputs. Results have been extremely encouraging in Katerniaghat, Pilibhit and Dudhwa as I could see’.

The picture is a hopeful and positive reminder that conservation efforts, if done properly, can pay off and bring back species from the verge of extinction and a positive reaffirmation of the fact that India continues to be one of the most secure tiger habitats anywhere in the world!  


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