Internet Hails The Man Who Got Free Ride From A Zomato Delivery Guy

Internet Hails The Man Who Got Free Ride From A Zomato Delivery Guy

Ever been in a situation where you couldn’t find any public transport or book a cab? This man from Hyderabad found an innovative way around this problem by ordering food through Zomato and hitching a ride with the food-delivery rider. His creativity has now won him a number of fans online, and a thumbs-up from Zomato itself.

Last week, Twitter user Obesh Komirisetty revealed through a post on the social media website that he was at a mall and could not find a ride back home.

“It was around 11.50 pm, I am at Inorbit Mall road and looking for an auto but couldn’t find anything to reach my room. So I opened Uber app but ride fares were high it’s around 300 Rs and also I a’m little hungry,” he wrote.

Finding the fares on cab-hailing services too high, Mr Komirisetty devised a plan to kill two birds with one stone – he looked for food shops close to his location an ordered food to be delivered to his home.

“I just opened Zomato and searched for food shops around me, I found one Dosa Bandi near me and ordered Egg Dosa. The delivery boy came and he was going to pick up my order… So I called him and said this is my order, I asked him to drop me in the delivery location (my room address),” Mr Komirisetty explained in his post.

The Zomato rider obliged, and that is how Mr Komirisetty managed to reach home that day.

“Thanks to Zomato for the free ride,” he wrote. Take a look at his post below:

His post has been ‘liked’ hundreds of times. Here is how Zomato responded to it:

Many social media users also applauded his innovative solution:

After Zomato’s stand ‘Food has no religion, food is religion’, the company arrived in religion-related debate again and the cleft is internal.

Zomato delivery boys intend to go on a strike on Monday to challenge that the food that they convey is influencing their religious opinions. They are declining to deliver beef or pork during the festival of Bakrid or Eid al-Adha which was on Monday.

“In a country as diverse as India, it is impossible to ensure that vegetarian and non-vegetarian preferences are factored into delivery logistics. Delivery partners are unequivocally made to understand the practical nature of the job as they choose to enter the workforce. All our partners understand this fully,” said Zomato.


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