Inventors Who Are Already Living In The Future

Inventors Who Are Already Living In The Future

People who are intelligent, don’t really need a certificate to prove it. They are quite focussed on what they want and they make it happen with hard work and efficiency. If you ever come across such masterpieces you would be left in awe. These are such people who invented something so bizarre and smart that it feels like they are already living in the future. Here are 10 such futuristic inventions.

Car System

Whoever came up with this system should be awarded. Making sure about safety is really important and in this car system unless you fasten your seatbelts you can’t listen to music.

Corner Drawers

Whoever came up with this idea have everyone’s blessing. This was the most needed invention for our kitchen desks.

Booth For Dogs

When we go shopping in malls, pets are not allowed to get in there. So this mall came up with the booths for dogs.


When we are out somewhere and need a fresh breath, we approach for the water filter but drinking water doesn’t help much. This restroom has a cooler and a mouthwash too.

Toilet Doors

This is the future of toilets. This technology is really hygienic as you don’t have to touch the door to open it.

Don’t Need To Pump Tires

These tires should be sold so that there would be less hassle to fill air in tires every now and then.

Different Buttons

They are surely armed for any difficulty that they might face as there are different buttons for different emergencies. The blue one is for medical help and the red one is for a fire alarm.

The Fence/Bench

 Who thought that there could be more space and fewer materials used to create only two things out of them and still look elegant!

Bottle Of Sauce

This sauce bottle regulates the amount of spiciness and will serve you as per your taste.

The Vending Machine

This machine is refundable and if you don’t get something out of this machine it will return your money. This is a perfect one to replace those old vending machines.