Iraqi Police Brought Trained Dogs To Curb Protests. A Protester Answered By Bringing A Lion On The Streets

Iraqi Police Brought Trained Dogs To Curb Protests. A Protester Answered By Bringing A Lion On The Streets

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Protest is not a new thing to hear.. We have seen many protests being media as a source .People applies many tricks and things to make protest a loud one .From stones to many other things are being used from time to time.

But this time, a protester brought something astonishing which is really scary …

It’s the ongoing case of Iraq,where police brought K9 against the protectors and in return one of the Iraqi protester brought lion .

According to the reports of The Independent. In a fresh episode, a man appears to have taken a lion to an anti-government protest in Iraq.

New Arab reported , the move came in response to reports that security forces would be using dogs to contain protesters. The Iraqi protester who has not been identified yet unleased a more fearsome animal with him while walking the streets of Babel province, which is located south of Baghdad.

Wrapped in the Middle Eastern country’s flag, he was filmed holding the animal by a chain. The Independent further reported that the lion briefly lunged in the direction of a small group of men and later rested on the side of the road as his handler crouched beside him.

There has been demise of almost 320 people and many are injured in this conflict of the forces and the demonstrators in middle Eastern countries..

A protester walking with lion is seen in the video which has gone viral. Photos and videos of the roaring lion is blowing minds of many as it is full control of his owner.

Let’s watch the video :


Baghdad and Iraq’s southern provinces are facing a disastrous scenario of protests to make the political structure weak and make it hollow as they assume that they are not being given importance ..

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The youth is basically disturbed because of the economy setback and no job opportunities. Now they being at the front with one on one clash with the security forces. It is due to lacking of the basic services.


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