Jharkhand Doctor Allegedly Prescribed Pregnancy Tests To 2 Men Complaining Of Stomach Ache

Jharkhand Doctor Allegedly Prescribed Pregnancy Tests To 2 Men Complaining Of Stomach Ache

Well, you obviously must have heard of an incident where a doctor prescribed condom to a woman for stomach ache, till date I don’t know whether she was supposed to eat those, or put those on or what. Now another doctor of Jharkhand reportedly prescribed pregnancy test to two men who complained of stomach ache. 

In a bizarre case, a doctor reportedly named Mukesh, in a government hospital at Simaria in Chatr district of Jharkhand prescribed a pregnancy test to two men, after they both complained of stomach ache. 

The patients were taken to the hospital by their family members. Apparently the doctor prescribed other tests such as HIV, HBA, HCV, CBC, HH-2 and ANC. Wow, talk about taking over-protective measures for a stomach ache. 

ANC is that test that is supposed to determine whether a woman is pregnant or not. The key term here being a woman, because only they can get pregnant. 

The patients Gopal and Kameshwar didn’t know what the ANC test was and when they visited the pathological lab, they were told by the attending doctor, what the test was actually for.  

Apparently the two men joked about the incident in their village and soon the word spread. Following this, the two men complained against the doctor to Arun Kumar Paswan, the civil surgeon of Chatra district. He has ordered inquiry to get into the details of the matter.

However, the doctor in question has denied the allegation and said, “This is not true. This is an effort to defame me. Those tests could have been added by overwriting.” 

Ah well, if the two men prescribed themselves pregnancy tests to themselves, they did a good job at drawing attention. 


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