Joker Surpasses Deadpool 2 To Become Biggest R-Rated Film, Ryan Reynolds Has An Apt Reaction

Joker Surpasses Deadpool 2 To Become Biggest R-Rated Film, Ryan Reynolds Has An Apt Reaction

Becoming abusive in movies whether Bollywood or Hollywood and playing a character of that sort is an in thing in today’s scenario. These movies grasp a stamp of R rated films.

Till now ,Dead-pool 2 was holding a record for the R rated movie. But in most recent days Joker is trying and beating it for the attempt of it’s relatable content.

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has given his hearty wishes to the team of Joker for becoming the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time, topping Deadpool and its 2018 sequel. He posted on his twitter handle in a bit notorious way.

The actor in his early 40s shared a photograph from Joker of the title character dancing at the top of a staircase with: “You motherf***er” written above him. “R-rated box office congratulatory posts aren’t like the ones you’re used to,” he captioned.

Deadpool 2 has 9 rating ,other characters included Keanu Reeves’ Neo from The Matrix Reloaded and Bill Skarsgard’s evil clown Pennywise from It.No. 7 was Jim Caviezel’s Jesus from The Passion Of The Christ. In order to honour Logan, the actor did not put the title character’s name nor his alias Wolverine but put the name of the actor, Hugh Jackman.

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No. 8 was The Wolf-pack — played by Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifinakis in The Hangover Part II. Jamie Dornan’s Mr Grey from Fifty Shades Of Grey and Seth MacFarlane’s title teddy bear in Ted rounded off numbers 9 & 10.

Joker has earned $788.1 million crossing the hefty amount of $782 million of Deadpool and its sequel’s $785 million. The film by Warner Bros was released on October 2 in India , and as of now has made over Rs 60 crore .

Let’s see how much more applause the movie gains ..


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