Kajal Aggarwal’s Fan Pays 60 Lakh To Meet Her, Gets Duped By Fraudsters

Kajal Aggarwal’s Fan Pays 60 Lakh To Meet Her, Gets Duped By Fraudsters

Who doesn’t wants to meet their favourite celebs.Obviously its a dream come true but some scammers have an eye on such curious fans and they make them their prey by providing them some false hope to fulfill their dreams. here’s the story of such a fan who wanted to meet his favourite celeb Kajal Aggarwal who is a renowned actress of the South Indian film Industry but trapped into the web of frauds.

The young fan paid Rs. 60 Lakh to a website, as they promised to fulfill his dream to meet his favourite actress for a face to face interaction.

He had a meeting with producer Saravanakumar alias Gopalakrishnan and he expressed he wants to meet the actress. He was asked to pay Rs 50,000 and share his details with them. As the boy is from a well connected he paid 50,000 rupees easily.

He was asked again to pay more money in three installments so that they can make him meet the actress with the payment of approximately 60 lakh rupees which he denied to pay. The producer started forcing him to pay more money or else they’ll post his pictures online.

The boy fled away Kolkata where he filed a case against the producer. The producer got arrested thereafter. Kajal’s statement is yet to come over this.


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