Kangana Ranaut Compared Herself To Amitabh Bachchan While Insulting Taapsee Pannu

Kangana Ranaut Compared Herself To Amitabh Bachchan While Insulting Taapsee Pannu

Two intense characters who express their real thoughts decisively ,without thinking twice are Kangana Ranaut and Taapsee Pannu . However ,the two of them doesn’t have cordial relations with one another. They pull each other down on different online media stages , at whatever point they get an opportunity to do as such.

Recently, one of the fan of Kangana Ranaut shared a post guaranteeing that Taapsee Pannu’s most recent magazine photoshoot is a duplicate of Kangana’s posture.

She shared pictures of Kangana from her Architectural Digest photoshoot close by Taapsee’s image from the Elle shoot, looking at both the photos. The fan additionally proceeded to consider Taapsee Pannu a monkey. The tweet reads: “Monkey see, monkey copy sasta Monkey sees, copies n looks more sasta Monkey…”

Kangana Ranaut was quick to notice the Tweet and come up with a reply to her fan. In her reply, Kangana mocked Taapsee Pannu for dedicating her whole career trying to flatter her. Not just this, Kangana also compared herself to Mega Superstar Amitabh Bachchan. She claimed that she is the only Bollywood actor to be mimicked so much. She wrote: “Ha ha ha I am flattered, she is a true fan, dedicated her whole existence to study and impersonate me to the point of dessolution it is rather impressive, also no other female superstar has taken over pop culture the way I have I am the most mimicked superstar after Mr Bachchan.”

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Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel thanks actress on Guru Purnima: You  never left my hand | Celebrities News – India TV

This isn’t the first occasion when we have heard about the clash between the two actors . This web-war began when , Kangana’s sister Rangoli criticized Taapsee and named her ‘sasti copy’ of Kangana . Meanwhile , Kangana Ranaut’s fans have been attempting to demonstrate how Taapsee attempts to emulate once in a while.

Taapsee Pannu, Swara Bhaskar support Rhea Chakraborty

In-turn , Taapsee tweeted a statement about self-assurance and envy. The entertainer didn’t label anybody’s name, in any case, her message was extremely clear. She captioned her post :#ThoughtOfTheDay actually almost everyday now 🙂 “

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