Kanpur Man Helps Wife Get Married To Lover, Just 3 Months After His Wedding With Her

Kanpur Man Helps Wife Get Married To Lover, Just 3 Months After His Wedding With Her

When we talk about the marriage thing, it is one of the most precious experience one goes through. Things are very selective and applied in the manner of great responsibility.

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But today,we have brought you a very different story where a husband sacrificed his life and made her wife married her boyfriend ,just after a short span of 3 months post marriage.

Yes , you heard it right ..It’s the case of Kanpur where a person named Sujit married Shanti and just after 3 months the bitter truth was revealed.

Times of India, quotes that Sujit who resides in the Sanigwan village in Kanpur tied knot with Shanti .The wedding took place on February 19 following all the rituals in the presence of elders and blessings of all.

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But the reality was a bit harsh when Sujit came to know that Shanti was forced by her parents to marry him. Now the point of love and and living together happily was blur in Sujit’s life ..

One of her relative’s quoted that:

“It was when Shanti did not return for quite long, Sujit approached her and asked her about the cause of not returning home.

Initially, she skipped Sujit’s queries, but finally one day she broke down and confided with him that she was in love with a Lucknow guy and was married to Sujit against her will.”

Initially ,it was a disastrous situation for Sujit, who found himself a helpless one after facing all the situations .But later, he took a decision wisely .


He quoted :
“Initially, negative thoughts were coming to my mind and I even thought of eliminating both, but had I done this, the lives of three people, besides their families, would have got badly affected. So after discussing with elderly members of the family and locality, I came with a conclusion so that all of us can live happily.”

He came in contact with Shanti’s lover Ravi… He decided and conveyed him that Shanti and Ravi should get married .He also informed police about the act to be safe from any type of hussle..


One of the cop at Sanigwan says: “It was a sweet and lovely gesture from Sujit’s side, one will never forget him for long.”

We have seen many scripts that includes such relatable stories but this time we can say that someone has witnessed himself the harsh reality but at the end all is well as they would not have lived happily after knowing the truth .Hatsoff to the real savor Sujit.


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