Kashmiri Taxi Driver Returns Rs 10 Lakhs To Owner, Refuses To Accept A Reward For His Kindness

Kashmiri Taxi Driver Returns Rs 10 Lakhs To Owner, Refuses To Accept A Reward For His Kindness

Our papers and news sites are immersed with the updates on theft, killings over unimportant money, telephones and such. In reality as we know it where one can’t trust to leave their cash or adornments in the guardianship of an outsider notwithstanding for a couple of moments, the narrative of this man revives trust in humankind.

This twitter string and the tale of a man named Tariq is turning into a web sensation. Username @owais_ias (Owais Ahmed) posted this image and portrayed his story.

As indicated by Owais Ahmed’s profile on Twitter, he is an IAS official – by and by District Magistrate, Shopian, J&K.

He posted a tweet about this man named Tariq who is a driver by profession.

Clearly, Tariq found a sack loaded with jewellery worth more than Rs 10 lakhs. He likewise discovered three costly cell phones at Aharbal, Kashmir. We would believe that in a circumstance like this, an individual would turn off the cell phones, discard the SIM cards and escape with the money.

That is, at any rate, what generally occurs. Be that as it may, as indicated by the tweet, Tariq did the polar opposite. Rather than turning off the cell phones and selling the jewellery he discovered, he trusted that somebody will call the three telephones.

At the point when the disastrous proprietor on acknowledging what had occurred, intuitively called one of the telephones. Tariq accepted the call, got some answers concerning the proprietor and steadily restored every one of their assets. As per the tweet, he didn’t acknowledge anything consequently.

The tweet has since gotten more than 4000 likes and individuals just have acclaims for the fair man. Some accept he ought to be remunerated reasonably for his genuineness. Here are a portion of the tweets in light of Tariq’s deed.

Tariq’s story is declaration to the way that your qualities have nothing to do with what you do and the amount you win. A man acquiring a living as a driver was no doubt, not a mogul, but then he was not enticed by turning into a lakhpati. Not exclusively did he appropriately restore all the gems and cell phones to the proprietor, he didn’t expect AND acknowledge anything for his earnest demonstration.

This isn’t a segregated demonstration of trustworthiness depicted by a driver. A couple of days back another twitter client named Swarup tweeted about how he had overlooked his wallet in a taxi in Mumbai however the taxi driver came to return it post midnight. Becoming aware of occurrences like these to be sure warms the heart.


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