Law student in Maruti WagonR fined for ‘not wearing helmet’

Law student in Maruti WagonR fined for ‘not wearing helmet’

Shradha Das, a law understudy at National Law University Odisha (NLUO) got an e-challan for not wearing a cap while driving her vehicle. The challan was issued by the traffic police of the city to the woman driver. She later tweeted the picture of the challan to the Regional Transport Officer, Cuttack, Odisha.

The Cuttack Traffic Police issued the online challan to the lady yet when she checked the status of her vehicle on the web, she discovered that the challan is for “not wearing a protective cap”. The woman was driving a Maruti Suzuki WagonR at the time and the challan was sent to the vehicle number. The careful explanation behind issuing the challan in any case isn’t known.

Shradha then tweeted the image of the e-challan nearby the image of the WagonR that she was heading to the RTO, Cuttack. The Cuttack RTO acknowledged that the mistake and said that the right offense was not chosen in the drop-down menu when the concerned official was issuing the challan. The RTO additionally said this is anything but a purposeful mistake and the cops have been approached to be increasingly cautious later on while issuing electronic challans to the drivers. Das, who got the e-challan said in the tweet that it is the botch of the RTO, which makes such issues.

This isn’t the first occasion when that a vehicle driver has gotten a fine for not wearing the protective cap. Before, a Tata Nexon and numerous different vehicles have gotten a comparable challan. On account of the Nexon, it was a written by hand challan issued on the spot. That is not all, at some point back, a rider of a Royal Enfield bicycle got an on-spot challan for not wearing a safety belt!

While it is reasonable that e-challans can be issued for the off-base offense accidentally, the wrong on-spot challans can be hard to process. Be that as it may, the cops said that because of the high number of vehicles getting challan on the spot, it made perplexity, which prompted the off-base issuance of fines on the spot.

It isn’t known whether Shradha will get the right fine or it will be nulled by the RTO. Despite the fact that the fine sum is just Rs 100 for not wearing a protective cap, misunderstanding a challan is consistently an off-base message. It isn’t just from one state however cops from different states have done such bumbles previously. It ought to be noticed that e-challans can be issued for different including not wearing safety belts, crossing the zebra crossing, crossing the red light, ceasing the vehicle in a no-stoppage zone, etc.

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