Learn About This 10th Pass Man Who Earns 1 Crore Per Month By Selling Goats!

Learn About This 10th Pass Man Who Earns 1 Crore Per Month By Selling Goats!

The great Albert Einstein once said, “One sheet of paper never decides my future”. Likewise, Tejas Lengre neither bothered about studies nor his future as he believed in himself that he would achieve success in his own style. He is one of a kind.

Usually, students after completing Class X, think about their next phase of life, the turning point of their career. But Tejas had other tactical plans in place before making the biggest decision of dropping the school after passing Class X in 1999. Yes, he is a school dropout, You read it right!  he had some weird business ideas who given him all those fame and money. Here’s an amazing story of a man who made it all happen with a tactical business idea!

During the festival of Kurbani that is celebrated throughout the world as Eid-Ul-Azha (Bakriad), a man made the most of his income. It’s the story about him. Can’t believe? It’s true!

The Backdrop

Tejas is a resident of Bamni village in Sangli. he passed the tenth examination in 1999 and decided to start a business instead of further reading. He earlier used to work in the Transport Department.he carried goats in his auto for about a year. He had many thoughts about transforming his business with his innovative ideas and one such idea gave rise to a new evolution. He planned to start a modern goat farming business.

The Start

First of all, the money was a big factor for him to start the business. But that didn’t demoralize him. He initially borrowed some money from someone and then bought two goats of the African Bore species in a bid to start ‘Mahakali Bakra Farm’ near his home. This was the turning point of his career.

In a few years, his business started making lots of money. They made a profit of almost 20-22 lakhs. Now he has as much as 250 goats. They also make money from the dung compost, like millions.  he takes special care to the animals as they are given grass for three meals a day. He mixes protein powder in water so that animals would increase its weight. After 21 days, animals are prescribed drug and injections so as to avoid illness and diseases.

The Business

Each goat is sold by one lakh of rupees. he has more than 100 goats of African bore species, whose weight reaches 120 to 150 kg in a year. During the Eid, Tejas’ goats are sold in the range of 70 thousand to 1 lakh rupees.

Tejas never went to the market for selling his goats. Customers visit his farm. Sometimes they have to even wait for months for getting their hands on the goats. You will be surprised to know even betting goes around sometimes for the buying of the goats.