Lottery Winner wears Scream Costume to collect $1 Million lottery prize so relatives can’t recognize him

Lottery Winner wears Scream Costume to collect $1 Million lottery prize so relatives can’t recognize him

On February 5, a Jamaican man only known as A. Campbell came to collect his Super Lotto winnings of JMD158 million (approx. RM4.76 million) dressed head-to-toe as the Ghostface Killer from popular horror franchise Scream, reported the Washington Post.

Clad in a white cape, black gloves, and an iconic Ghostface mask, A. Campbell turned up at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston. He took 54 days to come to collect his new fortune as he felt sick, according to Supreme Ventures, the company running the lottery in the Caribbean. As it turns out, he had been overwhelmed by the win.

“My head hurt me for three days because I was thinking so much, if what I’ve been longing for really come true. I had a belly ache for two weeks. Sometimes I feel so much pain I forgot that I won,” Campbell said to reporters from the Jamaica Star.

Campbell mentioned to the press that he was feeling better now, saying, “I’m kind of okay, I’m just a bit numb, a little bit.”

Having officially won on November 23 last year (2018), Campbell knew that with the 90-day prize collection deadline coming up, he was cutting it pretty close.

“I was aware of the 90-day deadline, I just wanted to get myself together before I came forward,” he said.

With almost two whole months to mull over what to do with his newfound wealth, he told the Jamaica Star one of his first purchases was going to be a house, saying, “I want to get a house, I want to get a nice house. I haven’t found it yet, but I’ll be looking for one soon.”

“I like to handle money, I don’t beg, I don’t borrow. So I’m looking at things that can turn over the money. I have a little business, so I plan to make it bigger, buy an apartment. I love to have money,” Campbell stated, asserting his goal to hold onto his jackpot for as long as possible.

Apparently, Supreme Ventures assists any winners who want to wear costumes a report reveals, stating that winners should be mindful that once they come into new money, they are targets of harassment.

People have been coming with their own disguises. They usually don’t need our help, and they are usually very creative, perhaps beyond anything that we could think of or imagine, and it has been very effective over the years,” said Simone Clarke-Cooper, a senior executive from Supreme Ventures.

Interestingly enough, Campbell seemed to have planned it all out, paying homage to the 1996 slasher film “Scream,” which starred Neve Campbell

What a lucky guy he is and the idea of hiding his face is too innovative.


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