Love Story Of R Madhavan And Sarita Birje Is A Real Life ‘Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein’

Love Story Of R Madhavan And Sarita Birje Is A Real Life ‘Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein’

Ranganathan Madhavan and Sarita Birje have a sweet romantic tale which relatively few know about. Theirs was a long romance enduring eight years, which at that point finished in their wedding. It’s been right around two decades that they have now been as one as a couple. Amid this time they shared the high points and low points of coexistence, and have been a consistent help to one another. So how did everything begin for the lovebirds and how has their marriage been a fruitful one? We should investigate.

The two met at a correspondence class in 1991

A Bachelor in Electronics, Madhavan was especially keen on joining the Armed Forces and had likewise joined the National Cadet Corps. Anyway he couldn’t satisfy this fantasy of his, and began leading correspondence and open talking classes in Kolhapur. Then again, Sarita was a hopeful air master. On the suggestions of her relatives, in 1991, she joined Madhavan’s classes to help her in planning for the meeting procedure.

It was Sarita who approached Madhavan out for a date

Despite the fact that Madhavan’s class helped Sarita in catching up on her abilities, little did both realize that it would likewise end up being an extraordinary occasion for them. Sarita had the capacity to traverse her air entertainer meet. She imparted this news to Madhavan and to offer her thanks, approached him out for a supper date.

Discussing this episode, in a meeting, Madhavan stated:

“I was encouraging an identity improvement class in Kolhapur when I met Sarita. She was yearning for work in a carrier and went to my classes. When she at last packed away the feline, she thought it was to a limited extent, because of my classes and took me to a ‘thank you’ supper. That is the manner by which it began.”

This one date prompted another. What’s more, following eight years of romancing and dating, they chose to take relationship to the following dimension.

Their conventional Tamil wedding was a private issue

It was 1999 and however he had not yet become famous in the realm of film at the time, Madhavan had sacked jobs in Hindi TV serials like Banegi Apni Baat and Sea Hawks. He additionally facilitated the famous amusement show Tol Mol Ke Bol. The couple chose to ring the wedding chimes that year. They had a conventional Tamil wedding in Chennai, which was an entirely ‘family and companions’ undertaking.

This is the thing that Madhavan shared when gotten some information about his marriage:

“… She asked me out on the town one day. I was a dim man and thought it was a chance. Didn’t have a clue in the event that I could ever get hitched so I took hold of the chance and wedded her.”

Madhavan turned into a genius after marriage

Post marriage, not exclusively did Madhavan found conjugal euphoria, yet additionally experienced new accomplishment in the realm of standard film. His first enormous break came in the year 2000 when Mani Ratnam give him a role as a lead in Alaipayuthey, which gave him his first Filmfare (South) grant. The film did great at film industry and was revamped as ‘Saathiya’ in 2002. He did numerous motion pictures with Mani and accomplished fame down south. With progress came a great deal of popularity and praise, yet the bond between the couple became more grounded.

Madhavan has faith in keeping the relationship exceptionally straightforward and entrusting

In a meeting he shared:

“I frequently desert my telephone when I go out, or hand it to Sarita in the event that I am occupied,… … . She has the chance to experience the writings or calls, stressing that I have nothing to cover up. This constructs her trust in me.”

The trust additionally fortified after their marriage as Madhavan used to take Sarita alongside him for any open air shoot. Madhavan was cited saying:

“I understood that there were numerous enticements — being in outside shoots in the organization of delightful ladies. I took Sarita wherever I went. Along these lines, she was around when I got acquainted with on-screen characters. I was never desolate amid my outstation plans. At the point when Sarita sees me in a sentimental scene, she knows the slants behind it are not genuine.”

Mani Ratnam disclosed to Madhavan how to lead an upbeat wedded life

In August 2005, Sarita and Madhavan were honored with their child Vedant. In 2009 he moved to Mumbai with his significant other and child as he began getting great offers. The couple praised their nineteenth wedding commemoration in June 2018. Madhavan gives kudos for his enduring marriage to his coach Mani Ratnam’s conjugal guidance. Mani once let him know, “Numerous couples test their connections lethally, when there is no compelling reason to.” Sarita too has guaranteed that the family has a typical way of life, despite Madhavan’s star status. They have ensured that Vedant also remains grounded and plays with different children and gains from his misstep.

Them two give each other their individual space, which has helped in fortifying their marriage.

In a meeting to TOI, Madhavan stated:

“She comprehends me totally, keeps me completely grounded. On the off chance that we go to a wedding, we demand that we remain in a line like every other person to wish the couple. She is likewise handy… … I never ask Sarita where she is going, with whom or when she’ll be back… ..We don’t demand going out with one another and neither needs to clarify their identity with.”

Madhavan and Sarita have withstood the trial of times together and have dependably been close by one another, getting a charge out of each snapshot of theirs. We want the family to enjoy all that life has to offer for their future.


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