Loving Husband Plants Thousands of Flowers To Make His Blind Wife Smile Again

Loving Husband Plants Thousands of Flowers To Make His Blind Wife Smile Again

Who doesn’t like flowers.They are a sign and symbol of love,care,friendship and many remarkable elements.But what if we say ,you can’t see those flowers but can smell them .You will get happy though u can’t have a view but can have the fresh fragrance .

We get you through a real life incident likewise.

This is the story of Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki, a Japanese couple, who are happily married since 1956, and they were hoping to travel the country when they retired.

Unfortunately, due to diabetes the lady lost her vision and that too just before retirement, Mrs. Kuroki faced complications which led her to sudden blindness and sent her into deep depression, which kept her inside for long periods. She was devastated that she wouldn’t be able to spend her retirement as she planned and felt that her life was over.

Mr. Kuroki felt sad seeing his wife unhappy and started thinking of ways in which he could help to improve her life. The inspiration came to him one day when he was working in his small garden and noticed some people stopping by to take a look at the pink shibazakura flowers he planted.

Mr. Kuroki thought that if he created an even bigger garden, more visitors would come, which he hoped would help to cheer up Mrs. Kuroki.

Then, Mr. Kuroki spent the next two years planting as many flowers as he could. The Kuroki dairy farm in Shintomi, Japan, was transformed into one of the most beautiful gardens in the country over time

By the passing days, the Kuroki garden became like a tourist destination, attracting visitors from all over the region. Mrs. Kuroki wasn’t able to see the flowers, but she could smell them and imagine what the garden looked like. Also, she has plenty of company now, thanks to all of the visitors.

When the flowers are in bloom between March and April, the Kuroki garden can see up to 7,000 in just a day.

The popular garden is now a decade old and is as beautiful as a dream with all the blooming flowers and filled the life of the Kurokis with happiness.

Let’s have a look of some beautiful pictures.


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