Mamata Banerjee Becomes ‘Chaiwala’ For A Day & People Call It The ‘PM Modi Effect’

Mamata Banerjee Becomes ‘Chaiwala’ For A Day & People Call It The ‘PM Modi Effect’

Donning the role of a tea-seller, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee was spotted brewing some cups at a stall during her official tour to state’s coastal town of Digha, instantly catching the eye of social media users.

While inspecting the area to ensure better facilities for tourists, Banerjee suddenly asked her convoy to stop in front of a tea shack.

Her security officials and other administrative officials were clueless on why the CM had asked to stop her convoy at Duttapur area all of a sudden. Before anyone could guess, ‘Didi’ simply walked into the shack and asked the owner if she could make tea for the customers.

The tea stall owner was taken aback by her gesture and greeted Banerjee with folded hands and helped her brew tea. When the tea was ready, she politely asked the tea stall owner to serve it.

 “Sometimes the little joys in life can make us happy. Making and sharing some nice tea (cha/chai) is one of them. Today, in Duttapur, Digha,” she tweeted.

Party leaders felt that this could be her initiative towards an image makeover.

However, Mamata Banerjee is leaving no stone unturned as she tries to win over the people’s heart and prove that she’s just one of them, an ordinary woman. But, people on Twitter were not willing to let this slide just like that. Watching Mamta turn chaiwala was enough for people on social media to connect the dots and take a dig at her.


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