Man Applies ‘Henna’ To Appear Taller For An Exam, Ends Up With A FIR Instead

Man Applies ‘Henna’ To Appear Taller For An Exam, Ends Up With A FIR Instead

Being tall is something that everybody want to be tall  but nevertheless the majority of the general population don’t have it in India particularly and When you miss the mark regarding only one cm to meet the job necessity for the activity you had always wanted, at that point what isn’t that right? An inhabitant of Meerut, UP, Ankit Kumar had been attempting to break the exams for turning into a sub-investigator in the police however was actually missing the mark for clearing the physical examination. He attempted exam picking up pills and different activities however that didn’t work for him.

So in an extraordinary endeavor to accomplish his objectives and sack that fantasy work, he turned to a urgent hack. As per a report in TOI, Ankit connected ‘henna’ to his hair and styled them in a way that his hair remained in spikes and he looked a cm taller than he really was! His disappointment didn’t generally work with the cops who precluded him as well as wound up documenting a FIR against him.

According to standards, a man should be 168 cm tall to clear the physical test for enrollment as sub-monitor. When we were trying Kumar’s tallness with our machine – in which a metallic plate contacts the leader of a person whose stature is being estimated – a hole was seen between his hair and the plate, which generally does not occur. That is the point at which we ended up dicey and checked his hair to perceive what the issue was,” said Sanjeev Bajpai, the leader of the physical test being directed there.

On further examination, he in the long run admitted his wrong-doing. A FIR under area 420 has been documented against him and he is under cross examination at this moment.