Man Calling For Job Asks ‘Bombay Airport Hai?’ Control Room Hears ‘Bomb Hai Airport Pe’

Man Calling For Job Asks ‘Bombay Airport Hai?’ Control Room Hears ‘Bomb Hai Airport Pe’

Have you at any point been so edgy for a vocation that you wound up getting undermined with a police objection? No doubt, me not one or the other. Be that as it may, as unusual as it sounds, a comparative episode occurred at the Mumbai Airport as of late!

A 20-year-old Hotel Management move on from Dhule, Maharashtra, caught wind of a vocation opportunity at the Mumbai Airport and googled for a contact number to ask. He called the main number that appeared in the outcomes.

Sources uncovered that the contact number, in any case, was that of the air terminal control room and when the understudy asked, “Bombay Airport hai?” (Is this Bombay Airport), the individual who got the call heard “Bomb hai airplane terminal pe” (There is a bomb at the air terminal)!

… there can’t be a more regrettable correspondence fizzle, tbh.

What occurred next was finished turmoil! Settling on a snappy choice to not put themselves at any hazard, the airplane terminal experts totally lost their quiet and began directing security checks. In the wake of 2 difficult long stretches of genuine bomb-checks, the call was named as non-explicit and the poor understudy got a notice.

“Playing it safe, the staff educated the security work force and a bomb danger evaluation council was shaped. In the wake of examining all subtleties, it proclaimed the call as non-explicit, which means there was no danger. The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) was anyway alarmed and security (at the airplane terminal) was expanded,” an air terminal authority said.

Addressing Hindustan Times, the person stated:

“I am a steward and have worked at certain lodgings previously. In any case, for as long as four to five months I have been without an occupation. I have been calling each conceivable hirer and that day, I called Mumbai Airport after somebody educated me concerning an opportunity. I had no other aim and quickly apologized for the accidental misstep. The individual (I came to via telephone) took steps to stop a grievance against me yet I revealed to him it was a miscommunication.”

It’s beginning to bode well by ‘Bombay’ was changed to ‘Mumbai’!


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