Man Donates Kidney To Woman He Loves But She Rejects His Marriage Proposal

Man Donates Kidney To Woman He Loves But She Rejects His Marriage Proposal

What’s better than helping a friend ..As they say ,A friend in need is a friend indeed ,but do you know sometimes when we help selflessly but do not get the expected gestures,it could be hurting

Presenting you today the story of a man and woman in South London who started to know each other through internet and got close in friendship.

Simon Louis and Mary Emmanuelle first met in the mid-90s at a club in London. Louis was immediately taken with Emmanuelle, while Emmanuelle found Louis–who’s eight years her senior– to be handsome. The two flirted all night and shared a kiss, but nothing further happened. Emmanuelle worked as a secretary for a stockbroker while also taking care of her son Dwayne.

He said “I couldn’t believe it – I had been given a demise sentence. My name was put on a ‘de*d donor’ list. I could only wait,”

To show a gesture of gesture , Mary organized a trip to Spain and even organized times when she could receive her kidney trips while abroad.

While in Spain she learned there was a match but by the time she got back to London the kidney had already be taken.

It was then Louis suggested he get tested to see if he shared her blo-od type and turns out he was a match.

According to the Mirror, after learning he was a good fit, they both underwent months of assessment before the successful surgery.

The two, who now lived in Louis’ East London flat, nursed one another back to health. Shortly after it was then that Louis asked Emmanuelle to marry him, unfortunately, Emmanuelle said no.”I let him down gently by saying I’d have to think about it,” she said.

I think I’d worry if we got married it would in some way lesion our special friendship and also I don’t want to get wed until I’m fully better health-wise.”

Despite her no, Simon says he doesn’t regret a thing.

I didn’t think twice about it. There’s no question about doing something like that for someone you love.”


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