Man Edited Himself Into Most Of Kendall Jenner’s Pictures Making Them Unusually Hilarious

Man Edited Himself Into Most Of Kendall Jenner’s Pictures Making Them Unusually Hilarious

Few people can get close to Kendall Jenner, but Kirby is no ordinary person. He’s Kendall’s secret “fraternal twin,” and he gets to hang out with his adopted sister whenever he wants to…although we’re not sure she has much of a say in the matter!

Kirby might not have the 70+ million Instagram followers that Kendall has, but he’s still built up an impressive fan base of almost 450k followers by Photoshopping himself into various pictures of the fashion model and TV personality. People have noted how good his digital manipulation skills are, particularly his use of lighting, which gives his work a seamless quality that makes it seem as if he really is there. Check out some of our favorites below to see why he’s our favorite unofficial member of the Jenner family.

Simply Astonishing

Kirby realizes how to make pictures emerge from the normal. In this image he truly worked admirably at mixing his image far from her yet, being the center of attraction.

How Quick

This image is amazing to the point that the mixed picture doesn’t appear to emerge, rather it blends in nearby Kendall impeccably fine!

In Her Photoshoot

Along these lines, Kirby chose to get into the photoshoot and reproduced pictures that has Kendall out of sight which makes it appear as though he was there amid the shoot.

Playing With Lights too..

Kirby truly has an incredible method for mixing in an image. He clicked an image with a similar lighting and stood himself before the window and it turned out great.

Walk With Kendall

How genuis to imagine that he would stroll with the Jenner rather than simply sprucing up like her to taunt her. He appears to mix in like he is a companion.

Literally Everywhere

He stood himself in spots where nobody would have envisioned. In the event that we didn’t realize that these photos were altered, we would have succumbed to this phony news.

Hanging Out

In this way, he even altered himself in an image where she is by all accounts inclining toward her freind yet it is Kirby now. Kirby would demonstrate this to anybody and they would imagine that he is great companions with Kendal Jenner.

Why Is He Crying?

In the event that Kendal ever discovers these photos, she could never be annoyed by this. He is an amusing identity and he will just make her snicker more.

Sun Bathing

Kirby wouldn’t fret which Jenner’s photos he is attacking, he even mixed in with Kylie only for stiflers! The image on the correct feels like he spends time with Kendal in each Party she visits.

Epic one!

This image merits an honor for what’s its value. He is seen actually helding onto Kendal’s legs which appears as though he is helping her standing up on her one leg!


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