Man gets Deliberately Arrested so as to Escape from Marrying His Girlfriend

Man gets Deliberately Arrested so as to Escape from Marrying His Girlfriend

Commitment-phobia is one of the major relationship-concerns in today’s world. Not everybody manages to muster up the courage to tie the knot and begin a new life. As someone who panics at the thought of commitment, I can attest that the confusion between whether you should go ahead or backout keeps haunting you until the D-day.

Chen from China was set to marry his girlfriend after a few days. But recently, he realized that he is not in love with her and decided to call off the wedding but apparently did not desire to take the blame on him. So, he hatched a plan, a wicked one!

Accordingly, he planned a robbery so that he gets arrested and automatically the wedding gets canceled. He allegedly stole a Bluetooth speaker worth $287 (20.5k Approx.) from Huashan Road, Shanghai. The cops obviously got hold of him soon and arrested him.

However, during interrogation, Chen admitted that he carried out the theft to get arrested deliberately so as to avoid getting married to his girlfriend.

Chen also said that it was his well-thought plan as he was aware that cops would soon catch him and it wouldn’t cost much to the studio owner. He also knew that he won’t have to spend a lot of time under arrest owing to his minor crime.

Police were shocked to see how Chen crossed all the limits to avoid the wedding. He insisted that getting arrested was his ultimate plan and he did not want the cops to let him go. He hoped his fiancee would hear about his arrest and call off the wedding.

Maybe he could have tried talking to his girl directly instead of creating such chaos, right? 


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