Man scratches anus with a 7-inch-long bottle, it gets stuck

Man scratches anus with a 7-inch-long bottle, it gets stuck

You must have listen several times about the bottoms up.. but have you ever listen about the bottle’s up ?? Yeah you heard it right …

The location of that bottle’s up is unimaginable…

Our today’s story is reaching out some unusual paths …we are talking about the rectum . It’s the case of China , where a man used a 7-inch bottle to scratch the itchy bumpy , before subsequently ‘accidentally’ losing it up inside it.

Man Loses 7-Inch Bottle Up Bum After Using It To 'Scratch An Itch'

A 60 YO came to the Dongguan Hospital of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, in South China’s Guangdong Province, on 12 November complaining of discomfort in his abdomen.

The gastroenterologist Lin Jun , also the facility’s head , stated that the reason of the discomfort was diagnosed soon. It was 2 inches inside the man’s anus.

Dr Jun revealed the patient's unusual explanation for the misplacement of the bottle. Credit: Asia Wire

The hard object in question transpired to be a bottle of Florida Water cologne, measuring seven inches long and two inches wide at its thickest point. Florida Water, known in Mandarin as ‘hualushui’, is used as a perfume, a hand sanitiser or as an insect repellent (or as an a******e sratcher, it seems).

A man in China said he lost a bottle up his bum scratching an itch. Credit: Asia Wire

When talking to the local media, Dr Jun revealed how the patient explained the misplacement of the bottle.

He quoted : “The patient told me: ‘My abdomen hurts. There’s something inside. I can’t poo or fart.’

The entire glass bottle was inside his rectum. I could feel the bottle under his abdomen.

He said his anus was itching. He said: ‘I was very uncomfortable, so I bought a bottle of Florida Water and began scratching the itch. Then the bottle accidentally went up my rectum.'”

Wait what?? is this possible in any ways that someone does the sraching and whole bottle just vanishes in his butt??

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Though, as Dr Jun pointed out, there are more logical ways of treating an itchy anus.

He said: “It’s better to seek medical attention and let a doctor help you than attempt to resolve similar conditions by buying tools and such things.”

It's not hard to imagine that causing some abdominal discomfort. Credit: Asia Wire

The doctors were successful to take the bottle out as the patient was anaesthetised from the waist down and it was extracted by reaching into the man’s rectum and tying a metal wire around its center before pulling it out. Surely, a procedure that reminded surgeons why they got into the profession.

What say about this unusual incident guys ? Feel free to share your thoughts and yes.. scratch safe …(wink)


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