Man Vs Wild: Snake Bites Drunk Man In Uttar Pradesh, He Bites It Into Three Pieces!

Man Vs Wild: Snake Bites Drunk Man In Uttar Pradesh, He Bites It Into Three Pieces!

We hear peculiar stories practically ordinary, however I think this one takes the cake. In an extremely abnormal occurrence, an alcoholic man bit a snake into three pieces after the reptile assaulted him at his home in a town in Etah area of Uttar Pradesh, the evening of July 28.

The man – Raj Kumar – was taken to an emergency clinic and as he arrived the specialists said he was in a serious condition. The man’s dad affirmed that his child was in intoxicated condition when he bit the reptile.

“My son was drunk. A snake entered our home and bit him. He later bit the snake into pieces. His condition is serious. We are unable to afford the expenses of his treatment,” Babu Ram, father of Raj Kumar told ANI.

“A patient came to me and said that he bit a snake. I misunderstood as the snake bit him. His condition is serious. He has been referred to another hospital,” the specialist treating the man told ANI. After the occurrence, Raj Kumar’s family incinerated the snake.

This isn’t the primary episode, where a man bit back a snake. A couple of months prior, a rancher from a town named Mahisagar in Gujarat, was dealing with his homestead when he bit back a snake that assaulted him. The man was so goaded by the assaulted that he needed to execute the snake. As indicated by TOI, the 70-year-elderly person named Parvat Gala Baria grabbed the snake and truly eaten up it in resentment.

The man’s girl in-law told media that another relative who saw the whole scene, took the snake and burnt it.


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