Man Who Abandoned His Family 3 Years Ago Found On TikTok By Relatives, Dragged Back Home

Man Who Abandoned His Family 3 Years Ago Found On TikTok By Relatives, Dragged Back Home

For the most part, when a missing individual is discovered, a flood of help and rapture clears the family and relatives. In any case, for this situation, the passionate math isn’t that direct. In an unusual occurrence, a man who relinquished his family – spouse and two children – and fled home in 2016, has been discovered moving around in TikTok recordings.

Police recognized the man as Suresh who is a local of Krishnagiri. He got hitched to Jayapradha from Villupuram and they have two youngsters.

One fine day in 2016, he went out not to return. Subsequent to enquiring with Suresh’s companions and his relatives looked through better places, his significant other stopped a grumbling, as indicated by the New Indian Express.

A FIR was additionally documented yet nothing occurred from that point forward, till as of late, Jayapradha’s relatives happened to watch a video on TikTok, in which an individual looking like Suresh showed up on the screen.

When he demonstrated the video to Jayapradha, she affirmed that it was her better half. The issue was quickly taken up with Villupuram police and they followed him down to Hosur.

Police said that Suresh had left home as he was annoyed with certain things. He moved to Hosur, Tamil Nadu, and began filling in as a repairman in a tractor organization. He was likewise in an association with a trans lady in Hosur, as indicated by TNIE.

“The trans lady was additionally in the video, and we followed them down with the assistance of the transgender relationship in Villupuram,” said an official. “We have guided Jayapradha and Suresh and have sent them back home.”

While this is tricky on different levels, it’s likewise interesting how the person saw nothing amiss with fleeing from home and after that moving around on TikTok.

TikTok has confronted a great deal of analysis everywhere throughout the world. While a great deal of it originates from the purported cringeworthy content on the application, a generous lump is a consequence of certified worry with genuine repercussions. For example, as of late, a few medical attendants shot a TikTok video inside an infant care unit, and one of them even held up a newborn child and somewhat shook him. That is a major warning in that spot.

The Chief District Medical Officer (CDMO) of Odisha’s Malkangiri slapped a show-cause see on each of the four attendants, for therapeutic carelessness and recording TikTok recordings inside the exceptional neonatal consideration unit (SNCU) of the locale headquarter emergency clinic.

In another stunning occurrence, a mother of two youngsters ended it all on May 13 in Tamil Nadu, after she was chided by her better half for utilizing the video making application – TikTok. 24-year-old Anitha recorded herself as she drank the toxic substance and after that sent the video through WhatsApp to her better half, who was in Singapore.


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