McDonald’s Opened An Extremely Tiny Restaurant For Bees

McDonald’s Opened An Extremely Tiny Restaurant For Bees

As they say that bees are as important for Earth as humans ..

Recently, McDonalds in Sweden are contributing in a unique way to help bees, by hosting beehives on the roofs of their restaurants. Some are planting flowers outside as well, providing a bee-friendly environment that has helped to boost the population in the country.

The favorite food chain has commissioned a professional carpenter to make the ‘smallest ever McDonald,” that is, actually, a fully functioning beehive featuring a McDonald’s sign, drive-through, an outside seating area and even little advertisements on the windows! really imprssive…

With 37,000 restaurants around the world, the Swedish initiative could prove to be a huge help to bees if it’s adopted in other countries.

The EU has recently enforced a total ban on the outdoor use of neonicotinoids, widely used pesticides which endanger bees and have contributed sharply to their decline.

In the US, though, the current administration approved a dump of bee-killing pesticides on 16 million acres of land with the use of ’emergency’ approval to save cotton crops. While this might have worked in the short term, the lack of long term care for a vital pollinator reflects badly on the US government’s commitment to major environmental issues.

Let’s see some of the amazing pictures of the making of the small shelter…

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