Meet Maharaja of Alwar, who turned his Rolls Royce into Garbage Collector to take Revenge

Meet Maharaja of Alwar, who turned his Rolls Royce into Garbage Collector to take Revenge

The world’s most famous car brand Rolls-Royce is also associated with Rajasthan. A famous buyer of this car was the Maharaja of Alwar. 

As the story goes, in 1920, the Maharaja of Alwar, a fabulously wealthy ruler hose name was Jai Singh Prabhakar, visited London, and one day decided to walk around the city “incognito,” wearing ordinary English clothes.

Passing by a Rolls Royce showroom, Jai Singh decided to go inside. He asked the staff about the specifications of the Rolls Royce cars and their prices. However, the salesmen just saw a man with the face of an Indian. Ignoring his request for a test drive, the staff went so far as to rudely show the Maharaja out the door.

This treatment naturally made him furious. The Maharaja got back to his hotel and asked for an official visit of the Indian king to the Rolls Royce showroom to be arranged.

When he appeared in his formal outfit, dressed in sparkling clothes and jewelry, the Maharaja was welcomed with a red carpet and employees standing on both sides of it paying their respects to the king.

Jai Singh spent more than two hours in the showroom, trying all the six models exhibited. In the end, he purchased all of the cars in the showroom. And he paid for them all right away, including the cash for the costs of delivery.

When he returned to India, Jai Singh Prabhakar gave an order to the Municipality in Alwar to use the cars for collecting garbage. So, there were six brand-new Rolls Royce models sweeping the streets of Alwar, and carrying the garbage away.

Rolls Royce, a brand in use since 1906 and the number-one car manufacturer in the world in the 1920s, was humiliated and upset about the Maharaja’s treatment of its cars. Apparently, the reputation of the company suffered because of this event in Alwar. “Oh, the same car used in India for carrying garbage” became a sentence associated with Rolls Royce.

The story continues that the King received a telegram with apologies from Rolls Royce for the way the employees behaved towards him. The car executives pleaded for him to stop using the vehicles for transporting garbage and also sent him a gift of another six cars. Satisfied that a lesson had been learned, Jai Singh granted their request.


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