Meet MBA-Holder Khwaja Moinuddin Who Quit His Lucrative Job To Feed 1200 Orphan Kids Every Month

Meet MBA-Holder Khwaja Moinuddin Who Quit His Lucrative Job To Feed 1200 Orphan Kids Every Month

Today we are sharing an overwhelming story of Khwaja Moinuddin who quit his job to feed 1200 Orphans every month

He seems satisfied serving and cooking for thousands of orphaned kids, and ha immense love and care toward them.

The kind hearted 39-year-old man has done MBA from Hyderabad, its just then he decided to quit his job at an MNC, to start an initiative that aims to feed hungry children and the figure has crossed 1200 every single month.

Moinuddin along with his two other friends, Srinath Reddy and Bhagat Reddy, decided to launch a food-based YouTube channel in the year 2017. Named ‘Nawab’s Kitchen Food For All Orphans‘, the channel has over one million subscribers, and while Moinuddin can be seen cooking in the videos, Srinath and Bhagat work behind the scenes to bring it all together for their viewers.

Moinuddin sets to work preparing exceptionally delicious recipes for kids living in many orphanages across Hyderabad. Though they planned to feed street kids at initial levels but after the huge success of their initiative let them to fly high and give wings to their mission.

But grass is not always green on the other side. There came a time when these 3 friends had lack of funds and resources which forced them to close the channel . But one day, when a subscriber enquired about their upcoming video and was told about their grievances, he suggested that they try their hands at crowd-funding.

With just Rs 5,000 to to prepare meal for the kids, Moinuddin and his friends made a final video rqueting their viewers to support financially by donating. And as luck would have it, within a few hours 18 people reached out to them and offered to help with donations and rest is history.

In today’s scenario where people are restricted to themselves ,there are people like Moinuddin, Srinath and Bhagat who lives for others and set an ultimate standard for humanity working with so many ups and downs and still feel satisfied and complete after feeding the orphans.


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